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Israel Houghton – The Power of One


Israel Houghton
The Power of One
Integrity Music
Grade – B+

Israel Houghton, the front leader of award winning Israel and New Breed, has a rich history of energetic and inspirational hits and his new solo CD, The Power of One, is no less remarkable and moving.  The varieties of musical styles are commanding and the message is as powerful.  The music ranges anywhere from gospel choir to reggae, funk and rock.  The message is a call to action and a call to worship.

What if it all depended on me to change the world
What if my responsibility were to change the world…

…The Power of One
Joining the hundreds of millions of people
Believing in One – The Power of One

The soundtrack is really all over the place and there are several key individuals that make guest appearances on the album.  Most notably, according to my taste, are TobyMac and Chevelle Franklin (a purported reggae vocal queen).  With this much energy and variety, the album is bound to attract a varied audience. For song samples and more information check out

– Ken W.

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