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The Letter Black – Hanging On By a Thread

The Letter Black

Hanging On By a Thread

Tooth & Nail

Grade – B+

The Letter Black is a new hard rock band recently signed to the Tooth & Nail roster, however, they were once known as Breaking Silence.  Apparently the name change was necessary because there was already a mainstream band under the same moniker.

Having just been together since 2006 they are a relatively junior band, however, that does not seem to have affected their latest release.  I was very impressed with the level of playing on the CD. Front woman Sarah Anthony sings with a good mix of Evanescence and Fireflight similarities.  I was also thinking there was some Skillital influence on the recording and it just happens that the band recently toured with Skillet.  Check out “Believe” for an example.

While the sound is somewhat typical of the genre the band has written some really cool songs that give them an air of newness.  I also like the energy that comes through each song.  The message is also strong and adds a lot of credibility to the debut.  The song I mentioned before, “Believe,” is also a good example of the edifying lyrics included on the album.  Other favorites of mine include “All I Want,” because of the guitar crunching and the added screamo vocals, and “Wounded” for the same reason.  The entire message is very positive and uplifting in a loud sort of way!  Check out their MySpace page for more information –

– Ken W.

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