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Sixteen Cities

Sixteen Cities

Sixteen Cities

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Sixteen Cities, releasing their first self-titled album, has plunged into the Christian music world, bringing a unique sound and 11 songs jam-packed with powerful lyrics. Sixteen Cities’ story unique to say the least. The band was formed in high school as a way to minister to classmates and friends. Occasional shows caught the interest of their current manager, former Kutless guitarist Ryan Shrout, who introduced them to the indie scene in Portland. While the band has become well-known in the Indie realm, they are sure to make a splash nationwide with their new release.

The band’s faith is put on display right from the start with “Just Wanna Dance.” “Save Me From Myself” is a passionate plea for change and freedom, and “Sing Along” is easily one of the most radio-friendly songs released this year. “Come As You Are” and “Bleeding For You” demonstrate the band’s sincere passion for their Savior, and “Someone’s Work Of Art” creatively show’s their views on self-worth and equality. “Winter”, a hauntingly beautiful track, closes the album with a cry for redemption, leaving listener’s wanting more.

With sounds comparable to Jars of Clay, The Afters, and even Hillsong United, there’s something for everyone in Sixteen Cities. Lead singer and co-songwriter Josiah Warkening, has managed to write each song much like a story. Listener’s will hear his views and beliefs in a very personal and intimate way, another thing that sets this band apart.

Sixteen Cities has already become a strong contender in the Christian Music realm, with powerful songs that are both catchy and relevant for today. They have created a fully-loaded album that won’t disappoint, and I can tell that this is the start of something truly great.

– Tom

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