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Superchick “Reinvention”

12 tracks, 37 minutes
Grade – A

It’s been almost two years since Superchick’s “Rock What You Got” was released and over those years, the band has been busily cutting, changing, and touching up songs not only from their latest album but from as far back as “Karaoke Superstars”.  “Reinvention” is the result of their efforts, and it is more than worth the wait.

“Reinvention” starts off with remixes of two of their most recent songs which although they are comparably even better than the originals, still sound somewhat similar to the general style of the band and don’t stand out as well as others.  However, the next song “Let It Roll” features the bassist, Matt Dally doing most of the singing.  As one of three new songs on the album, it has a refreshingly different sound to it, and the type of beat you can’t help but nod your head to.  Following are several more remixes, among which several stand out.  “Karaoke Superstars” brings a new twist on the original song, as does “Breathe” which added a rougher edge while still maintaining the fragile harmonies.  A few of the remixes, however, fall short such as “Pure” which sounds much like the original song.  The strongest point on the album, however, are the other two new songs.  “Still Here” has a sound reminiscent of “Stand In The Rain” and carries a message of hope and enduring through the hard times in life.  The final song on the album, “With You” is sung only by Tricia Brock and has interesting harmonies and a simplistic acoustic sound to it.  It’s only fault is it’s length of just over two minutes.

When bands release “remix” albums, I always hesitate to listen to them, for fear they might change songs too much or not at all, however Superchick finds the perfect balance between the two.  The songs have the same sound as they originally did while adding a new, unexpected twist.  The new tracks on the album are also somewhat of a change from the expected, and I for one am excited to hear what Superchick comes up with next.

– Elise

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