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Sara Groves – Invisible Empires

Sara Groves

Invisible Empires

Grade – A+

Sara Groves captured the hearts and minds of listeners with her last studio album, “Fireflies and Songs”. Her poetic writings, deep, profound ideas, and beautiful melodies have overflowed into her latest creative endeavor, “Invisible Empires”. The record comes straight from the heart and its evident through each song. Sara takes listeners on a journey into her own life, sharing her hopes, dreams, and life lessons.

“Miracle” opens with a conversational tone as Sara invites listeners to discover the mysteries and miracles of God’s undying love with her. “Let’s feel what we cannot feel, know what we cannot know, heal where we couldn’t heal” paints a vivid picture of the powerful things God’s love can do in our lives. It’s a beautiful song lyrically and sonically, serving as an excellent introduction to her conversational album.

“I’ll Wait” is a powerful track filled with vivid imagery and heavy piano accompaniment. Sara’s artistry is demonstrated excellently in this heartfelt track about trust.

Recognizing that without God, we have nothing, she confesses, “I can plant a seed but I can’t bring the rain. I’ll wait for You now more than ever.” It’s a track I can relate to well and I imagine many people will be able to identify with Sara through it.
“Scientists in Japan” is a very interesting track. It took me by surprise when I first heard it. With lines such as “eyes wide open and your jaw on the floor, you see science fiction ain’t fiction no more”, Sara takes a look at the rapidly changing world around her and all the amazing (and sometimes bizarre) advances in technology. “Scientists” is a very catchy and thought-provoking song and I love it.

I had high hopes for this album, especially after listening to “Fireflies and Songs” for hours on end. The album had met all my expectations and more by the half-way mark. Sara Groves is an artist in the truest sense. Her lyrics are sheer poetry, and the melodies she creates are beautiful and I found myself able to identify with her in nearly every track. The album in its entirety, feels like a conversation with an old friend. I left refreshed, inspired, and unable to get those catchy songs out of my head. Another excellent album from Sara Groves.

– Tom F

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