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David Crowder Band – Oh For Joy

David Crowder Band

Oh For Joy

Grade – A

David Crowder Band has continued to inspire and shape the face of the Christian music industry. For years listeners have been blessed and changed through their wonderful music! “Oh For Joy” is the latest masterpiece from the band and while it manages to turn classic favorites into something completely new, yet familiar.

The band has transformed “Joy To The World” into an impassioned worship anthem. The resounding lyrics “Oh for joy, lift up your voice. The Christ has come!” really enhanced the old holiday favorite and turned it into an excellent opener. “The First Noel” features a softer tone with acoustic guitars and a deep, rich violin.

After the acoustically driven “O Come, O Come Emmanuel”, the album features a live portion. “O Holy Night” remains beautiful and traditional until it gently transitions into “Hallelujah”, by Leonard Cohen. It’s a beautiful, and unique way to end “O Holy Night”. A strong, instrumental interpretation of “Carol Of The Bells” ends the album on a strong note. It’s the perfect finale to an excellent Christmas release.

It’s sad to think that the David Crowder Band will be leaving us next year. They’ve provided top-notch music throughout the years, and “Oh For Joy” is no exception! The renditions of the 8 Christmas songs featured were fun, fresh, and did the classics the justice they deserve! Fans of the band won’t be disappointed!

– Tom F.

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