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Phillips Craig and Dean – “Breathe In”

Phillips Craig and Dean

“Breathe In”

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10 tracks @ 44:07

Grade = B+


Phillips Craig and Dean don’t break any new ground with their newest release but stay with the formula that has brought them success for the last 21 years.  One of the pastor’s takes the lead on the verses and the other two join in on the chorus.  On the other hand, their message of love and hope also helps.


The first single, “When the Stars Burn Down,” is doing well on the radio charts.  Shawn Craig says, “Not only is this wonderful God in control of the church, the universe, but that he will call us to Himself.  One by one, name by name.  He knows the hairs on our head, knows our name and our past and present and future.  He transcends all that is temporal and everything that burn and melt.  HE still remains.  That’s why we worship.”


I liked the tracks “I Choose to Believe” and “These Bones.”  Apparently adding the occasional big drums, an amped-up beat and doing one song in unison rather than in harmony is supposed to keep the sound relevant.

– Rob S.

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