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Jimmy Needham – Clear The Stage

Jimmy Needham

Clear The Stage

Inpop Records

Grade – A

I’ll always remember hearing Jimmy Needham’s music for the first time. I was introduced to his work on his previous album “Nightlights”. I was impressed at the diverse musicality presented in the album. He explored new styles and each song sounded different from the next. I was also struck by his witty lyrical style. Clever word play, puns, and overall creativity really set his work apart from the rest. The standard had been set very high and I wondered if anything could top “Nightlights” or “Not Without Love”. I’m excited to say that Jimmy has done it again. He’s not only met the unrealistically high standard his previous work set, but he has gone above and beyond in his newest album, “Clear The Stage.” The album offers everything fans have come to know and love from Jimmy Needham and so much more.

“I Will Find You” serves as an upbeat, energetic R&B opener with a guest appearance from Lecrae. “If I Ever Needed Grace” opens with beautiful, deep piano tones. Jimmy profoundly declares his need for grace in the album’s first single.

“Daddy’s Baby Girl” is a song Jimmy wrote for his daughter. It’s light and fun as he lists all the many things he loves about his baby girl. Definitely a song any parent will enjoy. “Clear The Stage” is a wonderful piano-driven track in which Jimmy asks God to clear the distractions out of life so he can focus on what’s truly important. It’s definitely a song that I felt I could relate to – so often I get caught up in things that happen each day I forgot what’s most important. The entire album is centered around the message in this song and I think a lot of people will really relate to it well.

I was overjoyed to find that Jimmy’s clever lyrics returned in the new album. There are too many instances to list, but Jimmy definitely has a gift when it comes to songwriting. They’re written in conversational tones and are a joy to listen to. His musical versatility is stronger than ever and there are many different sounds and styles experienced on the album. I definitely recommend checking out this project as well as his previous albums!

Tom F.

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