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Chris August – Upside of Down

Chris August

Upside of Down

Grade – A+


In 2010 Chris August took the radio by storm with his debut single “Starry Night”. He’s since become a favorite in the Christian music world, and his newest project “The Upside of Down” doesn’t disappoint. After being involved in a terrible skateboarding accident, Chris was hospitalized and suffered some memory loss. His recovery has been remarkable, and in an amazing turn of events, listening to his own record inspired him and connected him with Christ in new ways.


Chris has much to say in “The Upside Of Down”, and this thought-provoking album could be nothing short of his finest work to date. There are 14 tracks, each loaded with a healthy does of perspective and insight, each set to a wide array of musical stylings. Sonically, the album offers something for everyone to enjoy, making for a memorable musical experience. Several of the songs are [extremely] infectiously catchy.


“Center Of It” kicks the album off on an energetic tone and also serves as the album’s first radio single. Chris acknowledges God’s presence in the “at the start, at the end, and the center” of our day-to-day battles.


“The Upside of Down” is my personal favorite track on the album. Lyrically, this is one of Chris’ finest works yet. Through clever word play, Chris shows how Christ is still faithful “in the midst of this sadness.” On the surface, this is a catchy, inspirational song, but when you dig deeper, there really is a lot of truth in what Chris has to say. There’s something that happens when life is going “well” for us. It’s easy to push God aside during the “up” times and run to Him when we’re “down”. Chris addresses this difficult, often-neglected topic. “Why am I a fair-weather friend? I want to be the one to love You like I should / like You would through the bad [and] good.”


This song has caused me to think quite a bit about what goes on in my own life. There’s more than meets the eye with this track and I would encourage listeners to dig deeper with this song. I’ve begun to see the “Upside of Down” in my own life.


Sonically, the album features a broad variety of musical stylings. Chris experiments with Gospel, Pop, and even some slower ballads. He’s growing as an artist not only musically, but lyrically. There truly is something here for everybody. Each song is unique and offers something completely different from the rest.


Chris has let his guard down and invited listeners to catch a glimpse of his own struggles and joys, hopes and fears in his daily walk. “The Upside of Down” is an excellent, refreshing work, that has challenged me to view life from a different perspective. Chris has created a remarkable album that has gotten ahold of my attention like only a handful have before. I highly recommend listening to this album in its entirety. You won’t be disappointed. “The Upside of Down” could very well be one of the best releases of 2012.


Tom F.

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