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Decyfer Down – Scarecrow


Decyfer Down
Grade – B+

With their first album in several years, Decyfer Down’s Scarecrow shows some of the band’s biggest musical improvements to date. While it’s true that it may sound similar to what the band has done before, there are at least a few more versatile songs to choose from compared to their previous work.

Songs such as ‘Say Hello,’ a somewhat mournful track laced with grungy vocals and distored guitar riffs. The singer talks about having to watch someone you care about fall deep into depression and being unable to pull them out of it. The chorus, however, delivers a positive outlook: ‘I still love you like yesterday/I still hope for your tomorrow.’ Already we’re starting to hear a darker edge coming from the music and more personal issues out of the lyrics. These things aren’t entirely new for the band but interesting to hear nonetheless.

‘The River’ is a solid Southern rock tune, and probably the most significant musical departure for the band thus far. A twangy acoustic riff accompanying deep, country-influenced vocals opens the song, leading into a heavy chorus and classic guitar solo later on. Altogether this may be one of the band’s top songs, at least for trying something a little bit different.

Finally, ‘So In Love’ closes the album on a worshipful note. Decyfer Down has done contemporary songs in the past but this one stands out as being even more accessible than the rest, driven by a constant drumbeat and an anthem-like melody towards the end. Other than the few songs mentioned the album proceeds at a relatively standard pace for a Decyfer Down record. There are several decent rockers that any fan of the band or of bands like Disciple and Pillar are sure to enjoy.

Scarecrow, while not perfect, shows the band sticking to their guns and delivering another high-energy rock album as well as taking a step or two into new directions. Although it may suffer for some in the area of replayability (due to the simplicity of some of its tracks), there are also moments where you can easily pick up on the improvements they’ve made since the last record. I for one hope hope to continue seeing that develop in the future. Until then, Decyfer Down’s latest doesn’t fail to please.

Review by Zach for Alpha Omega News

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