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Eleventyseven – Good Spells


Good Spells
5 tracks, 19 minutes
Grade – A


When Eleventyseven announced their latest EP, Good Spells, would be a selection of hymns, fans were eager to hear how the electronic-pop group would handle songs written over 100 years ago.  The result is a sugary collection of songs that put a modern spin on the hymns without taking away from the traditional feel or becoming trite.

While a collection of hymns may seem like a strange choice for a band like Eleventyseven, lead singer Matt Langston explains, “These hymns have come to resonate a Truth so powerful and so perfectly placed that we feel indebted to them. They remind us of all the times we were ready to quit, ready to give up, and ready to leave loved ones. They remind us that the Lord asks for mercy, not sacrifice. They remind us that our identity doesn’t come from our preferences or how strong our opinions and arguments are; it comes from Christ.”

Each track blends layers of synth-pop with Langston’s unique voice, creating a strong, cohesive EP that definitely stands out among the summer’s releases.

– Elise.

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