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Dave Barnes “What We Want, What We Get”

Dave Barnes

What We Want, What We Get

Razor & Tie

10 Tracks @ 39.5

Grade B+

While “What We Want, What We Get” is Barnes’ second release on Razor & Tie and his fourth release overall, I am not familiar with his music.  In a very positive and cool way, his latest CD has quickly made me a fan.  While the style is not all that new I enjoyed the creative and distinctive song writing.

Style wise, Barnes reminds me a little of Jason Gray meets Jake Smith.  The songs jump around from simple acoustic to jazzy and upbeat.  I also think there is a likening to some of the more classic adult rock back from the days of Don Henley and maybe some of Barnes’ influences (Stevie Wonder and the Doobie Brothers) has something to do with that.

The classic sound just gives it a really cool vibe overall and the lyrical content is “accessible” as it is so heavily touted.  A few of my personal favorites are the funky “What I Need,” the lyrically clever “Chameleon” and the more subdued “You Do the Same For Me.”

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–       Ken W.