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delirious? “Farewell Show-Live in London”


“Farewell Show-Live in London”

Furious Records

2 CD set

Grade = A-

I wish I could have been there.

Having seen delirious? in concert three times, I wish I could see them just one more time.  This recording of the band’s final concert is the next best thing.

While I don’t think sing-a-longs are very effective on a disk, I found myself being carried away on “Majesty.”  The distorted guitar on “Inside/Outside” (one of my personal fave delirious? songs) gives the feeling of a new version.  Guitarist Stu G sizzles on “Investigate.”

With 14 albums and that have sold nearly three million recordings, and with seven Top 40 general market UK chart singles and two Top 30 general market UK chart albums, delirious? has deservedly earned the praise of its peers.

tobyMac says “They’ve redefined the praise and worship scene,”

while Chris Tomlin says, “Delirious? is the band that has continued to set me on fire when I hear their music.” 

Bart Millard of MercyMe adds “Delirious? is one of the most important bands in the past 10 -15 years, not

to mention my all-time favorite band.”

Darlene Zschech says, “For many years now, Delirious? have been inspiring us in our pursuit of Christ through their creative genius and uncompromising message of faith and hope through music.”

Delirious? lead singer martin Smith gets the final word.  “Fabula Est Vestri, the story is yours. It always has been about you; ordinary but extraordinary people who joined together across denominations, against our prejudices, our fears. People who have stood together in the face of adversity.”

“And WE have become a voice that speaks out for the oppressed,” continues Smith, “for those who do not have a voice. We too became a voice that sings ‘God’ songs that shake the earth. And friends, we will continue to shake the earth. Just never stop singing.”

If there is one drawback, if you have the recent “Greatest Hits” or final tour (not concert) set, you’ll have many of the songs included in this set.

– Rob S.

Delirious? – History Makers; Greatest Hits



“History Makers; Greatest Hits”

Kingsway/EMI CMG

14 tracks @ 76:13

Grade = A-

After 14 albums, one of my favorite bands says good-bye.  The band members say collectively, “The Delirous? story was only ever about responding to whatever it was God was doing through music that abandoned itself to Him.”

“History Makers,” all in-concert recordings, is being billed as the definitive Delirious? recording.  Here’s the track list; you can decide for yourself how definitive the record is:

History Maker



Majesty (Here I Am)

I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever

Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble

Shout To The North

Revival Town

Find Me In The River

My Soul Sings

Our God Reigns


Lord You Have My Heart

My Glorious

The use of a didgeridoo on “Feel the Mountains Treble” was a nice touch.  The band sounds great.  There’s also a limited edition version with 30-songs and a DVD featuring the band’s 13 music videos.

The final performance for this great band is scheduled for November 29 at London’s HMV Hammersmith Apollo.  I won’t be surprised if next spring there’s a DVD/CD of that event.

– Rob S.

Delirious? – My Soul Sings


My Soul Sings
Sparrow Records
Grade – A

Not too long ago Delirious? announced their intentions to “take a break” from touring and recording.  The scheduled break comes at the end of 2009 as the band makes its final rounds of a multi-country tour.  The current release, My Soul Sings, is a live compilation of the history of the band including hits from 1997 – 2008.  The new project is also being packaged as a CD/DVD combo.

I have always agreed that Delirious? is one of the best live bands – period – and therefore the new project is a nice addition to my collection of CD’s.  However, I would imagine that as they wrap up the year they would be making a live recording of their farewell tour.  I’m not sure then if My Soul Sings is it and as they play the last show, they will just wrap it up and put it all away in storage.

From what I can tell the current DVD is only of the concert and does not include any extras.  I think that any farewell project deserves more than that and I have to believe that there will be another DVD with a few more behind the scene extras.

It’s a toss up really, is it worth the purchase now or would it be better to wait and see if there is a “final” live recording.  Either way, there is no denying the fact that the current project is meaningful for Delirious? fans, but it seems to be out of time or order.  Keep an eye on their official website for updates and final tour dates.

–    Ken W.