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Jet Velvet

Jet Velvet

Jet Velvet

7K Records


Paul Dexter and Matt Bissonette have certainly made their mark in both the music and television industry. Having worked with TV shows like, “Friends,” “CSI Miami,” “Vegas,” and “One Tree Hill” their latest project Jet Velvet continues to impress. Jet Velvet brings a pop-retro infused modern rock sound and catchy light-hearted melodies, with lyrics that make you think, laugh, and smile. Hailing from Orange County, California, Jet Velvet’s self-titled debut album is sure to be a summer hit.

The album starts off with “Call Me Sir,” in which the singer realizes he’s getting older the first time someone calls him “sir”. “Listen To You” the third track, opens with ocean and bird sounds and continues to carry an island music element throughout the song. “Far Away” the beautiful piano-lead song carries lyrics which are both beautiful but vague. The song could be speaking about a broken relationship or death of a loved one. Listeners are given the unique opportunity to find their own meaning within the song. “Think It Over,” builds up in volume as it goes on and settles into a medium, modern rock style. The song changes rhythm and sound several times, showing the songwriter’s creativity and talent.

Jet Velvet’s members clearly have an ear for hits and creative tunes. The band’s debut album is packed with well-crafted, fun-in-the-sun songs. While Paul Dexter is a Christian, his album isn’t really a “Christian” release. Yet for every contagious chord and catchy harmony, there is plenty of lyrical meat found here. Several songs have double meanings, which both Christians and nonChristians can enjoy. The songs were clearly written from past experiences in both Paul and Matt’s lives. They speak of the pain from a broken relationship, the healing found in forgiveness, and comical reflections on growing up. There’s something for everyone in Jet Velvet, and I look forward to seeing future releases from this creative duo.

– Tom