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Mercy Me “The Generous Mr. Lovewell”

The Generous Mr. Lovewell

Mercy Me

INO Records

11 Tracks @ 43.1

Grade – A

I firmly believe this is the best album Mercy Me has created and considering everything they have done to this point, that is a very strong statement.   A lot of heart and soul has been poured into this album as a response to a life-changing trip with Compassion International, to the poverty stricken area of the Dominican Republic.

The story that unfolds on the CD revolves around a fictional character that Bart Millard describes as a cross between “Buddy the Elf meets Forest Gump.”  This character has taken on a virtual life already with a decent following on Twitter.  Anyway, this Mr. Lovewell reminds us that we are to “love others well.”  As the Mercy Me front man stated, “we need to put hands and feet on our ideology and rhetoric.”

While the concept of the album is particularly interesting the content of the album goes one huge step further.  The band has stepped out of their pop/rock box and has tried on some new styles, mostly on the first half of the album.

Starting off with the Euro-techno-dance style of “This Life,” the call to action song as it is described – “God did not intend for us to sit around and wait for heaven, he desires us to live life to the fullest for His Glory.”  Secondly, the title track is an airy pop tune with a real peppy vibe.  The third track, “Move,” has a ‘moving’ beat that would surely even get Sly Stalone motivated for a Rocky X movie.  Lastly, the songs “Crazy Enough” and “Back to You” were recorded with a cool “El Paso” grove as described by the band.

The more traditional Mercy Me songs include the worship song “All of Creation,” the upbeat “Free,” and the touching “Wont You Be My Love.”  Ending with the short ballad “This So Called Love.”

I firmly believe that this is the best Mercy Me project to date and I love how creative they were with their talents.  It is a challenge and a risk that not many other groups could stand up to or afford to take.

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– Ken W.

Mercy Me – 10


Mercy Me
INO Records
Grade – A

This recording marks the 10th anniversary of the “writing” of Mercy Me’s signature song, “I Can Only Imagine.”  The CD/DVD set is loaded with #1 songs and videos from the span of their career.  The videos are a mix of concept videos and live concert footage.  The concert footage is the best as it includes commentary and some testimony from the band.  There is also a copy of the bands appearance on the Gospel Music Channel’s “Faith and Fame” program and a behind the scenes look at the song “I Can Only Imagine.” The CD portion of the project also contains some new materials with a new orchestrated version of “I Can Only Imagine.”

Typically I would not consider scoring a greatest hits CD, as it is not a totally original piece of work.  However, I do believe this compilation goes beyond the usual best-of project.  The addition of the videodisc is a huge plus and a must have for Mercy Me fans.  As I was listening to the music I was reminded of how deep the songs have touched myself and I am sure many others.  Like I said, this is a must for any Mercy Me fan as it is more than just a compilation of songs.  It’s a history of the band.

Ken W.