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Women of Faith Worship

Women of Faith Worship

Women of Faith Worship Team

Thomas Nelson

10 Tracks @ 44.5

Grade B

The Women of Faith Worship band works in conjunction with the ministry of the same name that hosts various events nation wide. This Spring, the worship team is involved in two events sponsored by the ministry, the “Over the Top” and “Imagine” tours on the east and west coast simultaneously.

The latest CD is primarily a blend of contemporary worship, fitting for corporate events, however there are some more upbeat tracks like “Just Wanna Say” and the spirited “Glorious”.  The worship standards include “Indescribable,” “Amazed,” and the “Lead me to the Cross.”  While the real value of the CD likely comes as a reminder of attendance at such an event, the recorded CD is of high quality.  The band blends well together and the harmonies are perfect for inspiring a good old sing-a-long at home.

There is a plethora of useful information on about the conference and numerous other resources for women.  However, although the release date was reported as April 28th for this project, I could not find anything on the Women of Faith website about this CD.  I did however find the CD available on (

– Ken W.