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“Jennifer has written an amazing and beautiful book with COME TO THE GARDEN where she introduces us to a lovely angel named ‘Margaret’ who creates a special and safe place for people to come and tell their stories.”

Kathie Lee Gifford




Los Angeles, Calif. (Feb. 23, 2016) – Texas homemaker-turned-lay minister and author, Jennifer Wilder Morgan, acknowledges how sharing divine encounters can draw people closer to God in her debut release, COME TO THE GARDEN. The inspirational book hits shelves nationwide, today, Feb. 23, 2016 through Howard Books (a division of Simon & Schuster) along with an Audible version narrated by Today Show Host and Emmy Award-winner, Kathie Lee Gifford and produced by Eakin Films & Publishing.


In conjunction with the release, Morgan joined Kathie Lee & Hoda on the Today Show to discuss her book, the Audible release and upcoming one-night cinema event, Come To The Garden – On Stage! (Fathom Events/May 2016).


“Jennifer has written an amazing and beautiful book with COME TO THE GARDEN where she introduces us to a lovely angel named ‘Margaret’ who creates a special and safe place for people to come and tell their stories,” says Gifford. “Margaret is the perfect vehicle to guide us through this Garden. She’s so lovable and I enjoyed voicing her because she’s not a fairy godmother, she is very much God’s creation…an angel that has been with us during our journey and loves us very much.”


Inspired by her ministry at Methodist Hospital in Houston, Morgan believes that sharing how God shows Himself can lead to healing and deeper faith as we share our experiences and in turn, actively listen to each other.


Right before her 50th birthday, Morgan felt called by God to write about how He has been speaking to her throughout her life, mostly through dreams.


“I never planned on writing a book,” says Morgan, whose writing experience is limited to English classes in high school and college. “But when I started thinking about it, I realized that God has been speaking to me, but I always kept my dreams to myself. I didn’t want people to think I was strange.”


As Morgan began to consider what it would look like to put her real-life accounts on paper, she felt as if God told her to use a fictional angel, “Margaret,” to help her share her experiences with readers. Throughout the book in powerful conversations, Margaret helps her recognize how God has been connecting with her from the beginning of her childhood to the present.


In the highly anticipated release, Morgan explains how prayer and listening to others speak about their divine encounters encouraged her to embrace the truth of her own experiences and share her journey with others.


“I began to realize that others were having the same or similar experiences and encounters with the

Divine as I was,” she says. “The stories they shared with me validated and reinforced my own encounters.

I also saw the healing that comes as people share their stories with an accepting listener. It allows them to embrace what they’ve experienced—stories they might have been afraid to talk about. I knew that I, too, had to share my experiences in this book—encounters that I believe draw people closer to the heart of a personal God who wants to be known.”


COME TO THE GARDEN received recognition at the Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards

Contest and has already garnered endorsements from a number of key influencers, including Sharon

Hargrove (author of Safe at Home: A Baseball Wife’s Story), Rev. Dr. Ed Robb III (senior pastor of The

Woodlands United Methodist Church), Constance Bovier (author of More God, From the Crucible and

Restoring Hope), Julie and Katie Black (co-founders of the Contemporary Christian Women’s Academy) and Frank Eakin (publisher of New York Times bestseller 12 Years a Slave), and others.


“Jennifer Wilder Morgan is an exceedingly creative writer. With sanctified imagination, she opens a window into God’s love and provision.” – Rev. Dr. Ed Robb III


“Some years ago, as a spiritual director, I quickly realized that I was sitting in the presence of a woman specially gifted with living in a thin place, where the veil between the here and the not-here trembles with anticipation of new encounters with the Divine.” – Constance Bovier, author of More of God, from the

Crucible and Restoring Hope


“Jennifer’s authenticity and fresh style, combined with Kathie Lee’s superb narration performance, will captivate readers and cause many to explore their own pathway to God’s presence. – Frank Eakin,

Eakin Films & Publishing, leading producer of star-narrated audiobooks and publisher of New

York Times bestseller 12 Years A Slave


In May 2016, Morgan will host a unique stage event as part of the book launch titled “Come To The Garden – On Stage!” The feature-length professional stage show will use groundbreaking three-dimensional projection technology to fuse live-action and animation, creating a unique and immersive experience on the big screen. “Come to the Garden – On Stage!” will release in select U.S. cinemas through Fathom Events and Eakin Films.


For more information about Jennifer Wilder Morgan and COME TO THE GARDEN, please visit:








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Come To The Garden app:

Jody McBrayer Receiving Strong Reviews for New Project “Keep Breathing”

Nashville, Tenn. (February 23, 2016) —- One of Christian music’s most powerful vocalists, Jody McBrayer, is garnering strong reviews for his new project and first release for StowTown Records, Keep Breathing.

•“…one of the most accomplished singers in all of Christian music.” – CCM Magazine

•“….a fitting forum for McBrayer’s powerful voice to shine.” –

•“….a near flawless vocal performance on songs with lyrics that speaks to the hearts of listeners capturing your attention from start to finish.” – Today’s Christian Entertainment

•“The songs take shape in the stereo field with the weight of a movie soundtrack. And McBrayer’s insanely powerful vocals (and unbelievable range) are in their element in that kind of production.” –

•“McBrayer has done a fantastic job on this album!” –

Produced by StowTown Record’s Wayne Haun, Keep Breathing features 11 songs that were co-written by some of Nashville’s top and award-winning songwriters. McBrayer even lent his songwriting skills to the project’s first single, “This Is a Son,” that was co-written with Jeff Bumgardner (“Christ the Redeemer”), Wayne Haun (“I Can Trust Him”) and Joel Lindsey (“Celebrate Me Home”). The powerful music video for the song delivers a moving message about helping those who are homeless or struggling. The video may be viewed here:

McBrayer has been busy doing interviews for the project that include Life With Purpose Radio, Alabama Baptist, The Good News (Denver radio) and NRT Live Google Hangout that resulted in higher live audience numbers for the program. Coming up for McBrayer will be an appearance on TBN’s Praise The Lord program, hosted by Jason Crabb, WSMV More at Midday and an interview with Nashville’s Moody radio station WFCM.

For more information about McBrayer and Keep Breathing visit,,

About Jody McBrayer
Jody McBrayer is known worldwide after becoming a mainstay in the Christian music industry with the Christian pop group Avalon. He was riding on the crest of this amazing success with millions of records sold, numerous No. 1 hit singles, major tours and multiple awards when 9 years ago he left the group after being diagnosed with heart disease. Thinking his music ministry was over, McBrayer entered the corporate world for five years working with his family. Then one day he received a call from a popular evangelist who wanted McBrayer to join him on tour as a guest musician. Over the next four years, McBrayer would literally circle the globe and experience the power, grace and mercy of God in a way he never had before. These experiences helped to reignite a desire for ministry, as well as a calling that had long since been set aside. It also helped him to decide to move forward once again as a solo artist. He already had one solo project on Sparrow Records in 2002, This Is Who I Am, when he was still a member of Avalon. It didn’t take long for this talented singer/songwriter to get signed with a respected label. In 2015, McBrayer signed with StowTown and released his first album for the label on February 12, 2016. That album is titled Keep Breathing.

About StowTown Records
Founded in 2011 and expanded in 2014, StowTown Records reflects the musical vision of Ernie Haase and Wayne Haun, in partnership with Landon Beene and Nate Goble.  The independent label is the creative home for several top artists in the Southern Gospel, Inspirational and CCM marketplaces and quickly garnered industry attention with multiple Gospel Music Association Dove Awards and chart-topping releases.


Grammy Award Winning Rock Legend Schlitt to Meet with Industry Leaders During NRB 2016 About New Band, Upcoming Recording Project and Tour
Grammy Award winning Rock legend John Schlitt will meet with industry leaders during NRB 2016 about his new band, The Union of Sinners and Saints. (Glenn Sweitzer at Fresh Film + Design photo)   

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (February 23, 2016) – Few artists have been more influential in defining contemporary Christian rock ‘n’ roll than Petra and Whiteheart, so fans of the genre will likely jump out of their skins when they hear that John Schlitt, lead singer of Petra, and Billy Smiley, guitarist, singer, and founding member of Whiteheart, have teamed up for a new album for 2016. The newly christened band, The Union of Sinners and Saints, features members from two of the best selling Christian Rock bands of all time, with sales of over 12 million records between them. Collectively they have generated more than 25 #1 songs and earned more than 15 Grammy and 40 Dove nominations and awards.

John Schlitt will be attending the upcoming National Religious Broadcasters Proclaim 16 International Christian Media Convention, which will be held Feb. 23-26 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, where he will meet with media and industry leaders to discuss the band’s upcoming project, The Union of Sinners and Saints, which is slated for a June 2016 release.

“The idea of a new project really intrigued both of us,” Schlitt declares. “With our histories, it only made sense to feature Petra and Whiteheart favorites along with the new songs that we were writing in the studio.”

John Schlitt and Billy Smiley are currently in the studio recording The Union of Sinners and Saints with an all-star cast of musicians, including Tree63’s John Ellis,
new artist Jason Fowler and bassist Anthony Sallee. Pictured (L to R): Fowler, Sallee, Schlitt, Smiley and Ellis. (Glenn Sweitzer at Fresh Film + Design photo)

Smiley adds, “John and I got together last fall and started writing some songs and reminisced over both of our histories and journeys. With the chemistry and friendship that developed, we also started brainstorming about taking this new material we were creating out on the road in 2016.”

Fans can look forward to the release of the new CD project, available exclusively at Lifeway Stores and digitally on iTunes worldwide. The project will feature eight new compositions and updated versions of Petra and Whiteheart classics.

Joining Schlitt and Smiley in the studio is Anthony Sallee of Whiteheart on bass, new artist Jason Fowler on guitar and vocals, Steve Brewster (Peter Cetera) on drums, Jonathan Crone on guitar, and John Ellis, lead singer from Tree63, on guitar and vocals.

Smiley is producing the record and bringing in on select songs an all-star cast of musicians including Brian Wooten (Whiteheart, Trace Adkins) on guitar, Chris McHugh (Whiteheart, Keith Urban) on drums, Brennan Smiley (The Technicolors) on guitar, Peter Furler (Newsboys) on drums and vocals, and Dave Ellefson (Megadeth) on bass.

Richie Biggs (Whiteheart, Petra, and The Civil Wars) is mixing the record.




SiriusXM Octane Exclusive World Premieres Single Sunday, Feb. 21



Logs 350,000 Albums Sold, One Million Singles, 54 Million Streams

Since Going Indie In 2012­


Band Makes First-Ever Monster Energy Carolina Rebellion, Rocklahoma

Mainstage Appearances



One of today’s best-loved, adrenaline-fused rock bands, THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH (TFK), has widely increased its boundaries since going independent in 2012. With over 400 million YouTube views in the last year alone, the band has also logged over 350,000 albums and one million singles sold along with 54 million streams in the last four years. The band has also impacted Active Rock radio with six hits to their credit since 2012, and has nine hits overall.


Receiving a major boost toward its 10th radio hit, SiriusXM Octane exclusive world premieres the band’s “Running With Giants” Sunday, Feb. 21, at 1 pm EST. The song is the first radio single from TFK’s highly anticipated new album, EXHALE, slated to release in May. Following Octane’s premiere, “Running With Giants” goes for worldwide adds at radio Feb. 23.


“This song charges the gates with no apologies, and comes out swingin’. It’s the perfect example of what EXHALE was always intended to be, the heavier, more aggressive side to ‘INHALE’ (our last album). The albums were always meant to be a two-part story,” says TFK songwriter, lead vocalist and guitarist, Trevor McNevan. “If there was a song that best encompasses the ‘release the dogs’ symbolism of the new album’s title, it would be this one.


“In life, everyone wants to put you in a box, and label you. This song’s saying forget about what others think, they don’t know what’s best for you,” advises McNevan. “Follow your own convictions, dreams and inspirations. Your value or success doesn’t depend on what others think of you. You’re worth more than that.”


TFK premiered “Running With Giants” live, headlining a packed out Vinyl at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas as part of last week’s 4th Annual RadioContraband Rock Radio Convention 2016. A debut of the song’s brand new concept music video will be announced soon.


TFK also launched EXHALE’sIncomplete” to the top 10 of the iTunes Rock Top Songs chart last week amidst 5-star acclaim and a YouTube lyric video that has been viewed more than 170,000 times. The band further gifted the song “Born Again” to its fans. Downloaded tens of thousands of times and with more than 177,000 YouTube views so far, this song may find its way onto EXHALE as a bonus track.



TFK is pictured (above) headlining at Vinyl at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

during the 4th Annual RadioContraband Rock Radio Convention 2016. Photo credit: Janelle Rominski.


Thousand Foot Krutch begins to loudly “exhale” after “inhaling” for the last year-and-a-half with its second consecutive Hard Rock No. 1 and Billboard Top 10 overall album, OXYGEN:INHALE, which sparked the hit singles “Born This Way” and “Untraveled Road,” the latter named on the Top 30 Octane Big ‘Uns Countdown Songs of 2015.


Taking the fan favorites and new songs on tour around the globe, TFK’s McNevan, along with bandmates, bassist Joel Bruyere and drummer Steve Augustine, will be featured on the Axes & Anchors Cruise (2/20) before jetting to Kiev, Ukraine (3/17) and hitting Minsk, Belarus (3/18) and Moscow (3/20) and Saint Petersburg (3/21), Russia. TFK will also be featured at many of the major US rock festivals this summer, including first-time mainstage performances at Monster Energy Carolina Rebellion and Rocklahoma fests. (See for the latest tour updates.)


About Thousand Foot Krutch:

Ontario, Canada-bred TFK has been a continuously escalating highlight reel since their formation in 1997. With best-selling albums, over 1.1 million albums sold, nine Active Rock hits and a slew of soundtrack slots, the group has literally infiltrated every facet of pop culture. They continue to receive ongoing ESPN appearances, as well as various NASCAR, MLB, NHL, WWE, NCAA and NFL airings (including the 2010 Super Bowl), along with the “GI Joe” movie trailer, WGN-TV’s “Smallville” and EA Sports’ NHL 2010 and 2013 video games. Remarkably, the band also receives over 25,000,000 monthly views in combined streaming across all of YouTube.


All the latest band information can be found at, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, where the band has over one million likes.


About The Fuel Music:

Established in 2008, The Fuel Music & Management, LLC, is one of the leading independent distributors of music though all physical and digital channels internationally and enjoys a growing base in artist merchandise sales. Based in Tennessee, the Fuel team brings nearly 70 years of combined music industry experience in record label operations, major label distribution and marketing, and artist management for artists ranging from upstart bands to GRAMMY Award nominated, multi-platinum artists. More information on the company can be found at


Natalie Grant Announces “Miracle In Music City,”

The Third Title from her “Glimmer Girls” Book Series
‘Glimmer Girls’ series featured in Faithgirlz line

Written by Natalie Grant and informed by her three daughters — Bella, Gracie (twins, 9) and Sadie (5) — the multi-Grammy nominated singer released the first two titles of her ‘Glimmer Girls’ series — “London Art Chase” and “A Dolphin Wish” — in February. “Miracle in Music City” is the third book in the four-book series, and will be available nationwide Aug. 2, 2016. Known for her music, this is Grant’s first series for kids. Like the first two books, the third title will follow Mia, Maddie and LuLu Glimmer, three spunky, smart and unique sisters, on amazing family adventures around the globe.

‘Glimmer Girls’ is the newest series in the Faithgirlz line, the popular brand for tween girls from Zonderkidz, the children’s publishing division of Zondervan. Faithgirlz books, Bibles, and products empower girls ages 8-12 to joyfully explore, grow and proclaim their Christian faith.

Knowing how important these resources of faith are, Natalie Grant shares, “As the mother mother of twin 9 year old girls, the tween years are upon me. I am so grateful for Faithgirlz and the products they provide. I’m excited to create content for the line, allowing girls like mine a deeper understanding of faith and a better understanding of Jesus.”

In “Miracle in Music City,” the Glimmer Girls are at it again — looking for a mystery to solve. The girls’ famous mom, Gloria Glimmer, wants her daughters to learn they aren’t too young to make a difference, so she gets them involved in her annual benefit and auction in Nashville, TN. But as things often do with the trio of smart and spunky sisters, they get themselves, and their nanny Miss Julia, involved in a lot more than just helping mom raise money for a worthy and wonderful cause.

Grant taps into her life and the adventures with her own family on the road, to create each ‘Glimmer Girls’ story. Readers join the Glimmer family as they travel the world finding new opportunities for the adventurous sisters to discover clues, solve puzzles, and often even get into some mischief along the way. Together with their famous mother, and their eccentric nanny, the three sisters learn important character-building lessons about being good friends, telling the truth, faith, and a whole lot more.

“Miracle in Music City” will be available at retailers nationwide and online on Aug. 2, 2016.

Follow Natalie Grant here:
Official Website:

Follow Faithgirlz here:
Official Website:




First Radio Single, “Nothing More,” Becomes Top 15 Billboard, Top 5 CMW Hit, Continues To Climb

Following Grammy and Dove Award nominations, a trio of best-selling major label albums and seven chart-topping singles alongside viral videos, Decyfer Down returns with the April 1 release of The Other Side Of Darkness through The Fuel Music. After more than a two-year hiatus from recording and touring, the band, collectively Brandon Mills and Chris Clonts (guitars), TJ Harris (vocals/guitar), Benjamin Millhouse (drums) and Chris Furr (bass), is reveling in its newfound freedom as an independent band to write, record, release and perform new music.

Making a conscious decision to shatter comfort zones, whether they be artistically or thematically, the band held a no-holds-barred approach to The Other Side Of Darkness.

“I know every artist says ‘this is the best album we’ve ever done,’ but there is definitely some of the best sounding stuff we’ve done in a long time just because there are no limits,” says Clonts. “We can write about whatever we want to write, and we’re not in a box.”

Already resonating with radio programmers, the lead single from the album, “Nothing More,” is No. 15 and climbing after nine weeks on the on the Billboard Christian Rock chart, while hitting No. 5 and heading toward the top of the Christian Music Weekly (CMW) chart. The song is a fists-in-the-air anthem meant to encourage fans to move forward with God regardless of what might try to stand in the way.

“Darkness is a valley, but there’s the light of God’s love on the other side,” says Clonts. “A lot of people we talk to say ‘man, I’ve done too much bad stuff to get to heaven and there’s no way God could love me,’ but that’s not true. With all the subject matter we’ve talked about [on this album], we just want people to know on the other side of darkness is God’s love.”

Taking the new music from The Other Side Of Darkness, as well as its growing list of fan favorites, on the road, Decyfer Down plans to tour heavily in 2016. Beginning today, the band embarks on a massive 39-date run on the City Rock Fest 2016 tour with Disciple, Seventh Day Slumber, Spoken and Children 18:3. (See tour itinerary below.) This tour follows Decyfer Down’s own successful headline tour last fall, as well as 32 packed events on the 2015 winter/spring leg of the City Rock Fest tour.

While on tour, Decyfer Down will play a diverse mixture of venues, including clubs, theaters, churches and arenas, which is representative of the band’s widely diverse fan base.

“People are people no matter what four walls surround them,” suggests Clonts before Mills expands. “That’s always been the heart of our band. We want to sing about the struggles we go through as Christians, but chances are there are those who are going through the exact same struggles and trials. We’ve never set out to be a mainstream band or a Christian band. Whatever doors open, we just walk through them. We love playing everywhere, and we love meeting people.”

“Ten years plus of doing this has been a crazy trip, but it’s been awesome,” adds Harris. “After taking time off and going back out, it’s been great to see some familiar faces and hearing how they’ve grown as people and in their relationship with Christ, plus we still hear from people who heard us on mainstream radio and how a song changed their life. Everyone’s from all different backgrounds and situations, but hopefully we’re all growing.”

“We definitely hope people are encouraged and challenged through this record,” sums up Mills. “We are just enjoying the whole process again.”

For all the latest Decyfer Down tour dates and other news, go to, @DecyferDown and

City Rock Fest 2016 Tour:

17-Feb Carthage Civic Center, Carthage, TX

18-Feb Fiesta Latina Ballroom, Corpus Christi, TX

19-Feb First Baptist Church, Rio Vista, TX

20-Feb M.K. Brown Memorial Auditorium & Civic Center, Pampa, TX

21-Feb Crossroads Church of Denver, Wheat Ridge, CO

24-Feb Sunnyside Baptist Church, Cheyenne, WY

27-Feb Alamogordo Civic Center, Alamogordo, NM

28-Feb Nile Theater, Mesa, AZ

4-Mar Long Beach 1st Church of the Nazarene, Long Beach, CA

5-Mar San Bernardino Co. Fairgrounds and Event Center, Victorville, CA

9-Mar Civic Auditorium, Idaho Falls, ID

10-Mar Idaho State University – Frazier Hall, Pocatello, ID

11-Mar Mansfield Convention Center, Great Falls, MT

13-Mar Holiday Inn Convention Center, Minot, ND

16-Mar NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Complex, Yankton, SD

17-Mar Mercy Hill Church, Rochester, MN

18-Mar River lawn Christian Church, Wichita, KS

19-Mar Pace Events Center, Perry, IA

20-Mar Waldorf College Auditorium, Forest City, IA

31-Mar Jackson Friends Church, Massillon, OH

1-Apr The Underground, Cincinnati, OH

3-Apr Larry’s Pizza, Fort Smith, AR

4-Apr Firepoint Baptist Church, Nixa, MO

5-Apr Christpoint Church, Galena, KS

8-Apr Downtown, Wilmington, NC

9-Apr Genxaret, Columbia, MD

15-Apr Twin City Baptist Church, Lunenburg, MA

16-Apr TBA, Presque Isle, ME

17-Apr Lincoln Center, Rockland, ME

20-Apr Chemung County Family Fitness Center, Elmira, NY

21-Apr ALTAR, Pittsburgh, PA

22-Apr McMorran Place Sports & Entertainment Center, Port Huron, MI

23-Apr Battle Creek Friends Church, Battle Creek, MI

24-Apr Midland Nazarene, Midland, MI

26-Apr Church At The Depot, Scott Depot, WV

27-Apr Whitley County Middle School Gym, Williamsburg, KY

28-Apr Set Free Church of Dawsonville, Dawsonville, GA

29-Apr Lifepoint Community Church, De Land, FL

30-Apr OpenWater Church, Odessa, FL

* Tour dates subject to change.

About Decyfer Down:

North Carolina-based rock band Decyfer Down has released three best-selling albums over the last decade that have gathered seven No. 1 radio hits, a Grammy and Dove Award nomination, and song placement on major sporting events and promotional videos that have garnered millions of views. Along with its own headline tours, the band has co-headlined with Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch and toured with Breaking Benjamin, Theory of a Dead Man, Thousand Foot Krutch, Skillet, Red, Disciple, Puddle of Mudd and many others.

About The Fuel Music:

Established in 2008, The Fuel Music & Management, LLC, is one of the leading independent distributors of music though all physical and digital channels internationally and enjoys a growing base in artist merchandise sales. Based in Tennessee, the Fuel team brings nearly 70 years of combined music industry experience in record label operations, major label distribution and marketing, and artist management for artists ranging from upstart bands to GRAMMY Award nominated, multi-platinum artists. More information on the company can be found at



Author, Speaker and Chaplain with the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team Scheduled to Meet with Media and Industry Leaders During
National Religious Broadcasters Convention

Author and speaker Ginger Sanders is slated to attend the 2016 National Religious Broadcasters Proclaim 16 International Christian Media Convention (NRB) which will be held Feb. 23-26 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center. (Jane Nichols
Photography photo)
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (February 17, 2016) – Author and speaker Ginger Sanders is slated to attend the 2016 National Religious Broadcasters Proclaim 16 International Christian Media Convention (NRB) which will be held Feb. 23-26 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center. During the conference, she will be meeting with media and industry leaders about her experiences as a chaplain with the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team, many of which are detailed in her book, He Goes Before Us (Xulon Press, 2016).

Sanders’ NRB appearance will follow on the heels of her appearance at the Birmingham Public Library’s 2016 Expo and Book Fair, which is scheduled for February 20 in Birmingham, Alabama. The annual event, which is sponsored by the Friends of the Birmingham Public Library, will showcase up to 100 Alabama authors, including Sanders, who discuss their work, sell and autograph their books, and talk about their writing process.

If Sanders’ experiences have taught her anything, it is that bad things happen to good people. “Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires, and man-made disasters…it is not a pleasant thing to contemplate, but it is nonetheless a universal truth, an incomprehensible paradox,” she acknowledges. “The human condition is frail, but God is bursting with life! Through all this pain and grief, God allows us to be His hands and feet, offering those who are suffering the love of Jesus through the power and strength of God.”

Sanders has experienced more than her share of natural and man-made disasters. From devastating floods in Iowa to tornado ravaged towns in Alabama; from the scene of the horrific theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, to the unfathomable grief following the tragic school shooting in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, Sanders and her fellow chaplains continually see God at work. Yes, bad things happen to good people, but Sanders has also seen lives changed and souls saved through God’s amazing grace. In every situation, Sanders says she and her fellow chaplains have witnessed the dramatic presence of God, proving that only God can orchestrate these situations.

# # #
Ginger Sanders is the author of several books, including He Goes Before Us. (Jane Nichols Photography photo)
About Ginger Sanders and
He Goes Before Us:
Author, speaker and teacher Ginger Sanders and her husband Denny trained and served as chaplains with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association following their retirement from successful careers; hers in finance and his in law enforcement. As Chaplain Coordinators, they are on call in case of disasters, natural and manmade, to give emotional and spiritual care. Ginger is the author of several books, including
He Goes Before Us and the children’s picture book, Round Eyes. To learn more about Ginger Sanders visit

About the National Religious Broadcasters Convention & Exposition (NRB):
The annual National Religious Broadcasters Convention & Exposition (NRB) is the largest nationally and internationally recognized event dedicated solely to assisting those in the field of Christian communications. The dynamic exposition consists of nearly 200 companies and is an active marketplace for those seeking tools and services to expand their ministries. The NRB Proclaim 16 International Christian Media Convention will be held Feb. 23-26 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville. For more information, visit


Nashville, Tenn. – (February 16, 2016) – Francesca Battistelli has taken home her very first GRAMMY®Award for the song, “Holy Spirit” – in the category Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song – from her 2014 album If We’re Honest, an album that has garnered three total GRAMMY® nominations. Francesca has a total of four career GRAMMY® nominations.

Battistelli, who is excitedly anticipating the birth of her third child, was unable to attend the 58thAnnual Grammy Awards, which were held Monday, February 15 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

“I am so honored and humbled to have been recognized with a Grammy award for ‘Holy Spirit,’ a song that has meant so much to me,” says Battistelli. “Many thanks to Bryan and Katie Torwalt for writing an amazing song and letting me sing it. I pray God continues to use it to change people’s lives and draw them closer to Himself!”

Francesca’s “Holy Spirit” spent 15 consecutive weeks at No. 1 and topped 5 radio charts simultaneously in 2015, becoming her third consecutive No. 1 from the album, If We’re Honest, following “Write Your Story” and “He Knows My Name”.

“Congratulations to Francesca on winning her first GRAMMY Award tonight, as this is truly a career-defining moment,” shares Rod Riley, President and CEO of Word Entertainment. “Francesca is a very special part of our Word Entertainment family and we are so proud of her. As she and her husband Matt are about to welcome their new baby to the world, we are so honored to stand in support of her during this special moment.”

This Grammy Award win caps off an extremely fruitful awards season as she was voted Female Artist of the Year at the KLOVE Fan Awards last spring, received her first Billboard Music Awards nomination, and received three more nods at the 2015 GMA Dove Awards.

For more information, visit and follow @francescamusic on Twitter and Instagram.

About Word Entertainment

A leader in the music industry for over 60 years, Word Entertainment, a Warner/Curb company, is a unique, comprehensive faith-based company comprised of multi-faceted artist service departments including publishing, merchandising, booking and online initiatives. Word Entertainment represents some of the top names and brands in music, including Meredith Andrews, Chris August, Francesca Battistelli, Big Daddy Weave, Blanca, Jason Castro, Everfound, Family Force 5, Jon Foreman, for KING & COUNTRY, Group 1 Crew, Love & The Outcome, Dara Maclean, NEEDTOBREATHE, Point of Grace, Sidewalk Prophets, Skillet, Stars Go Dim, Switchfoot, VERIDIA, We Are Messengers and Zealand Worship, and is home to 25 Entertainment, Word Distribution (representing Curb Records and Big Idea/VeggieTales among others), Word Church Resources, Word Films, Word Music Publishing and Word Label Group’s Word Records, Word Worship and Fervent Records.

TobyMac Honored With Seventh Career GRAMMY® Award


THIS IS NOT A TEST garners win for
Best Contemporary Christian Music Album

Nashville, Tenn. (February 16, 2016) – Multi-platinum selling TobyMac was recognized with his seventh career GRAMMY® Award for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album for THIS IS NOT A TEST at the 58th Annual GRAMMY® Awards. THIS IS NOT TEST, his sixth studio album, debuted at No. 1 on the Christian Albums Chart, No. 4 on the Billboard Top 200 and No. 3 on the Digital Albums Chart and boasted the GRAMMY® nominated No. 1 radio hit “Feel It.” Garnering critical acclaim and notable placement, THIS IS NOT A TEST received coverage from ESPN Music, FOX & Friends, HLN’s “Weekend Express,” ABC Radio, Billboard, FOX News, Patheos and more.

TobyMac’s GRAMMY® win comes at the start of his 2016 HITS DEEP Tour, kicking off February 18 in Baton Rouge, La. Britt Nicole, Colton Dixon, Building 429, Capital Kings, Finding Favour and Hollyn will join TobyMac on the tour, traveling to over 25 markets. For more information on the tour, visit

About TobyMac:
With more than 11 million units in career sales and a whopping seven GRAMMY® Awards, TobyMac’s career continues on the fast track. His most recent studio album, THIS IS NOT A TEST garnered a GRAMMY® Award and a high marking debut at No. 4 on the Billboard Top 200. Each one of his previous five studio solo projects have achieved Gold certification, a first for an artist in the history of his label, Capitol Christian Music Group. Among those honored with Gold certification, EYE ON IT, which debuted atop the Billboard 200, only the third ever Christian album to do so. His live DVD, ALIVE & TRANSPORTED, is RIAA Certified platinum and received a GRAMMY® award.

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Jeremy Camp Announces ‘I Will Follow’ Tour With Mandisa


(High Point N.C.) February 5, 2016 – Platinum-Selling Recording Artist Jeremy Camp embarks on his I Will Follow Tour with Mandisa this spring making stops in multiple cities sharing music from his latest project of the same name, ‘I Will Follow.’ The tour also features special guest Finding Favour. Tickets for the I Will Follow Tour go on sale Friday, February 12, 2016.


I Will Follow Tour dates:


Date Location/Venue

4/22/16 Tallahassee, FL – Christian Heritage Church

4/24/16 Macon, GA – Macon City Auditorium

4/29/16 Joplin, MO – Calvary Joplin

4/30/16 Ames, IA – Cornerstone Church

5/1/16 Omaha, NE – Christ Community Church

5/4/16 Knoxville, TN – Chillhowee Hills Baptist Church

5/5/16 Jackson, MS – First Baptist Jackson

5/6/16 Alpharetta, GA – Johns Creek Baptist Church
For more information on the tour, please visit:


About Jeremy Camp: 

While he feels like he’s “just beginning,” Jeremy Camp has 12 years of accolades and accomplishments as a songwriter and recording artist, including four million albums sold, four RIAA Gold albums, a multi-platinum DVD, three American Music Award nominations and a GRAMMY nomination. He’s been a part of more than 25 tours (headlining 18 of those) in the U.S. and has performed in more than 32 countries. Jeremy describes himself as “a minister who happens to play music as a way to minister.”   


About Mandisa:

Ask people to describe Mandisa and you’ll hear words like talented, gracious, beautiful, strong, loving and joyful, but the title of her new album offers an especially apt description of the artist-Overcomer. However, Mandisa sees it as more than her song, but an anthem for all and she’s happy to launch the battle cry. 


About Finding Favour:

Signed by TobyMac’s Gotee Records, Finding Favour delivers a powerful project that reflects the moving stories that inspire their music and showcases the band’s considerable talent and musical mission. Produced by Rob Hawkins (Building 429) and Dustin Burnett (Kingsfoil), Finding Favour proves to be a long-awaited breakout project for Blake and his band mates, Allen Dukes (vocals, guitar), Dustin Daniels (bass, vocals) and Josh Duckworth (drums). The self-titled collection showcases the group’s innate talent in writing songs of religious inspiration and personal transformation against a backdrop of tight modern pop rock.


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