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Cade Thompson’s ‘Provider’ Offers Hope and Encouragement During Trying Times of Coronavirus/COVID-19 Pandemic

Debut Single Impacts Radio, Listeners Across Social Media
CLICK HERE FOR HIGH-RES   NASHVILLE, Tenn. (April 27, 2020) – When Cade Thompson stepped into the studio to record the song “Provider” – his debut Red Street Records single release – he had no clue just how powerful and timely the song would prove to be. 

Times were most definitely different then – no one had even heard of COVID-19/ Coronavirus, much less knew the impact it would have on our daily lives.

As the pandemic closed the economy and people were told to stay home, immediately and drastically changing everyday life, Cade’s song had just been released and started to climb the radio charts. Almost immediately, listeners grasped hold of the lyrics to the song, reminding people to look to God, the ultimate provider for our lives.

As Thompson explains, “I think as artists, it’s our job to stay faithful to write the songs God puts on our hearts. As I was recording the song “Provider,” over a year ago, I never would have guessed it would be impacting people’s lives in so many ways during this season we are in right now. In a world that feels like it is spinning out of control, we can rest in the truth knowing that God is our ‘Provider.’”

Almost immediately, feedback from radio programmers and DJs – as well as social media comments – started to flood in, describing how the song has been a comfort:   “Right now, everybody needs an encouraging song they can sing along to, even after it plays. “Provider” is that for our listeners.”
– Wally Decker, WBFJ Winston-Salem NC

“I find myself humming the song during the day. The chorus just gets stuck in your head. It’s also turned in to a very timely song during this season of quarantines. We need to be reminded that He is indeed our Provider.” 
– Dave Cruse, The Joy FM Tampa FL

“Sounds great on the air. A standout!” 
– Denise Harper, WKNZ – Ocean City MD

“This song made me realize how much God cares for us.”
– Jonathan Calhoun, social media

“Great song, Cade. Very powerful for any phase of life but especially nowadays.”
– David R., social media

“I turned on the radio this morning and this song was just starting. It was EXACTLY what I needed to hear this morning. It’s such a great song!”
– Sarah Matheny, social media

“My two sons love this new praise and worship song. I play this song at least twice a day – it’s so encouraging when you are a single mother with two amazing sons.”
– Dionne Fields, social media
  “Provider,” Thompson’s debut single release on Red Street Records – the label founded by Rascal Flatts member Jay DeMarcus – was produced by Bryan Fowler (Chris Tomlin, TobyMac, Zach Williams, Mandisa) and penned by Thompson, Ross King and Carter Frodge.

“Provider” is available now on all streaming services. Click here to listen to the song.

For additional information on Cade Thompson, please visit:
Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
  For more information on Red Street Records, please visit
Red Street Records artist Cade Thompson is an energetic and soulful contemporary Christian music artist with a sound that appeals to believers and mainstream pop audiences alike. Cade’s effortless style promotes his personal musical influences, which draw heavily from the church. Cade has an admirable ability to transform his thoughts and faith into a powerful collection of melodies and lyrics that inspire people of all ages to step into all that God has for them.

Cade has had an affinity with music since his toddler days when a preschool teacher noticed him harmonizing early on, and eventually progressed through piano, guitar and drum lessons. After joining the youth worship team in sixth grade, a music mentor came into his life who emphasized the importance of seeking God through the Bible, outside of a worship setting. This understanding placed Cade on a deeper course of encountering the love of the Father and seeking His presence more intently. In these early teen years, Cade knew God was calling him into music ministry and giving him opportunities to grow in that calling.

God has continued to reveal himself to Cade’s heart, and the outpouring has resulted in a strong connection to his generation melodically and lyrically. While continuing to be involved in his high school, he maintained a busy schedule including festivals, tours and recording. Now, diploma in hand, Cade is ready for the next chapter in his life.

Cade has shared concert and festival lineups most recently with Jordan Feliz, Hollyn, Sanctus Real, Crowder, For King and Country, We Are Messengers, Colton Dixon, Jaci Velasquez, FF5 and other notable CCM artists. Cade is currently in the studio preparing for his debut release on Red Street Records, a new Christian music label founded by Rascal Flatts member Jay DeMarcus.

Jay DeMarcus – member of Rascal Flatts, GRAMMY® award-winning producer and bassist – launched Red Street Records on Oct. 24, 2019 during a press conference held at the Hutton Hotel’s Analog. Along with DeMarcus, veteran industry executive Mark Lusk (President/General Manager) and award-winning songwriter/producer Don Koch lead the Red Street Records team with a vision for the future. The desire of Red Street Records is to touch lives and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music. To that end, we seek to partner with musicians who share this aim and who strive to achieve it through their innovative and visionary craft.

How To Live Out Your Calling During COVID-19

by Pierce Brantley

How To Live Out Your Calling During COVID-19

by Pierce Brantley

“Jesus, have pity on us!” they cried. Ten lepers, forced to distance themselves from the social settings of Samaria and Galilee, called out to Jesus as he traveled along the region’s outer border (Luke 17:11-14). They were quarantined. But Jesus still heard their voices echo through the Samarian Hills.

He healed each of them. But only one of the sick, when he saw he was healed, came back and praised God. The Bible says the man threw himself at the feet of Jesus and thanked him.

As our world and workplaces bunker down, this story of Jesus’ kindness hits me hard.

Jesus had places to go.

Jesus had things to do.

Jesus likely didn’t have time to stop his business trip and talk to these unwell men.


Jesus, like us, also had priorities. He was called, first and foremost, to the chosen people of Israel. But for Jesus, his daily priorities and his eternal calling co-existed. For him, there wasn’t a mental separation between his daily, called work and the turmoil that people experienced around him.

We see evidence of this in the fourth chapter of Luke:

…and the scroll of the prophet Isaiah was handed to him. Unrolling it, he found the place where it is written:

“The Spirit of the Lord is on me,

because he has anointed me

to proclaim good news to the poor.

He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners

and recovery of sight for the blind,

to set the oppressed free,

to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”

Then he rolled up the scroll, gave it back to the attendant and sat down.

The eyes of everyone in the synagogue were fastened on him.

He began by saying to them, “Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.”

Luke 4:17-21

Jesus took as his main job the same job God has always had:

1. Proclaim good news to the poor.

2. Proclaim liberty to the captives.

3. Bring recovery of sight to the blind.

4. Liberate those who are oppressed.

5. Proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.


God is doing a big work in the world. He is accomplishing a great task. The work that Jesus did, God’s Spirit is still doing—only now he does them through a calling: a specific partnership with willing Christians (see John 14:12). This special calling-led work is unending, so long as the earth persists. And it’s beautifully applicable to every situation and age; especially for times when life feels uncertain.

Which is important. Calling gives us focus in fearful times. Calling helps orient our hearts when storms feel certain. Calling, through our work with Christ, is an anchor. Moreover, the call of God on our lives doesn’t change when COVID-19 spreads, working from home becomes the new norm, or our job situations evolve.


Partnering with Christ can also be a point of witness — if you know the work to which you are called as a Christian. The question then is, what is the specific work God has for you when times are tumultuous? To start, we model the same mission Jesus had in Luke 4:16–21.

Proclaim good news to the poor

The good news of the gospel doesn’t go grey during hard times. In fact, it may be the only good news available right now. Don’t let the cries of the disenfranchised — either the literal sick or the homebound, stop you from sharing the light and life of Jesus. If you’re working from home, begin to engage your mind and spirit to think about how you can show the love of Jesus when you’re not directly in the room.

Proclaim liberty to the captives

Many of us may feel like captives, right? But our freedom in Christ has little to do with where we can go. Demonstrate faith and inner freedom — even when the world doesn’t want to leave their house. Spend time with God so that the joy of the spirit will be evident in everything you do.

Bring recovery of sight to the blind

Fear can blind us. It can debilitate us to the point where we only see a dark outcome. But much of this has to do with what we dwell on and what we do with our time. Through your actions, help people see the truth of God’s word when other sources may be creating a fearful atmosphere. Demonstrate the reality of heaven by speaking loving truth over the people you know.

Liberate those who are oppressed

The sick man who came back to Jesus was a Samaritan. He was not only sick, but also a societal outcast. Forget gathering with no more than fifty people, he wasn’t even allowed within the city walls. During times like these, those who feel marginalized are moved to even farther edges of the social sphere. Make a point to encourage those you know who may struggle with mental health. Where you’re able, take on some of their load at work or help buffer difficult situations for them.

Proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor

In the story of the lepers, only one of the sick came back to thank Jesus. I can’t help but wonder if he were the first to call out to him as well. Right now, in the midst of crazy news and on-edge people, the Lord’s favor is ready and available to any who want to receive it. We can kick-start that process by being present to those around us. When we do this, and we stay in a prayerful posture, we are positioned to show God’s loving kindness to those who are hurting.


As I wrote about in Calling: Awaken to the Purpose of Your Work, these are the five fruits of calling. If these five things are happening in and around you, then the fire and passion of God are working through you and you’re building the kingdom — even when other “kingdoms” seem to be in disarray.

So get excited. Christ has come. His work is finished. The veil between labor and love is torn. Now there is no separation between the presence of God and the indwelling of his power within you. You are set in the saddle. The reins of righteous living are in your hands. Through resurrection your work is made new in his life.

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About Pierce Brantley:

Pierce Brantley is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and businessman. He has successfully launched, run, and sold his own company, served as an executive for a top-ten PR firm in Dallas, and consulted with numerous Fortune 500 companies. Today he puts that same intense motivation into teaching men how to lead themselves and their families well. On May 1, 2020, he releases Calling: Awaken to the Purpose of Your Work from David C Cook. In his book, Brantley shares a transformative guide with actionable steps to inspire men to redefine the unique purpose of their work and discover what it means to have a fulfilling, “called” career. Pierce and his wife, Kristie, live in Dallas, TX.

For additional information on Pierce Brantley, Calling and more, go to or

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Songs Point To God As Refuge Through Life’s Storms, Challenges

Hymns, Companion Videos Feature Mack Brock, Leigh Nash, Sandra McCracken, Chris Eaton, Kelly Minter, Chris McClarney, Kurtis Parks, More

Venture3Media (V3M) continues its Simple Hymns series with today’s (April 17) release of Simple Hymns: Songs of Refuge featuring such well-known worship leaders as Mack Brock (Elevation Worship), Leigh Nash (Sixpence None the Richer), Sandra McCracken, Chris Eaton, Kelly Minter, Chris McClarney (Jesus Culture), Kurtis Parks (Bridges Nashville) and more. The 10-hymn album is available on CD and at Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Google Play and additional digital, streaming and physical retail outlets globally.

The songs in this Simple Hymns installment are all centered around how God is our refuge through the storms and challenges of life, and include classic hymns written by Isaac Watts (“He Is Our Refuge”), Charles Wesley (“Jesus, Lover Of My Soul”) and George Matheson (“Love, You Never Let Me Go”) as well as the Bob Kauflin, Steve Cook and Vikki Cook penned “I Have A Shelter” sung by Stephen Petree.

The hymn by Samuel Trevor Francis, “The God Of The Sea And Stars,” receives fresh interpretation by Brock and Jess Cates, and is sung by Brock.

Along with the new music, compelling acoustic videos of six of the songs being sung by the artists were recorded and are featured on a companion Simple Hymns: Songs of Refuge Deluxe Version of the album that is exclusively available from Apple Music and iTunes.

Songs of Refuge is the sixth recording in the Simple Hymns series to release so far. It follows the Songs of Easter (Feb 7), Songs of Communion (Jan 10), Songs of Thanksgiving (Nov. 8), Songs Of Worship (Oct. 4) and Songs Of Redemption (Aug. 30) albums that are available now at Christian retailers and These recordings feature such acclaimed worship leaders as Pat Barrett (Housefires), Derri Daugherty (The Choir), Paul And Hannah McClure (Bethel Music), Dan Koch, Aaron Keyes, London Gatch (Elevation Worship), Joanna Beasley (American Idol), Anthony Skinner, Sean Carter and many more.

Each new recording in the Simple Hymns series combines classic Hymns with a fresh interpretation, some with additional lyrics, as well as new songs that have been written and recorded in a hymn-like style and focusing on the Majesty and Greatness of God.

“These hymns and videos are purposefully simple with acoustic instrumentation, nothing overproduced to allow them to be sung by worship leaders in the most unplugged setting, or added to the worship music song selections in any sized church,” says Venture3Media President and Founder Steve Nicolle. “Simple Hymns are also well suited as a background for personal worship, reflection and devotions.”

Simple Hymns is a response to those that long for a return to a richer and more lyric focused worship expression, combined with a simplicity of musical instrumentation,” Nicolle continues. “Worship music shifts in style from decade to decade, along with shifts in lyrical themes and focus. What makes the hymns so unique and special is their ability to stand the test of time. When times become more turbulent or uncertain, we tend to hold to things that have endured. Hymns give us that anchor and remind us that God’s love and His nature are unchanging.”

Future Simple Hymns releases that are already being developed will feature hymns set around praise, Christmas and more.

The full Simple Hymns: Songs of Refuge track listing and featured vocalists follows:

1. The God Of The Sea And Stars featuring Mack Brock

2. He Is Our Refuge featuring Chris Jackson

3. I Have A Shelter featuring Stephen Petree

4. Set My Eyes On You featuring Kurtis Parks

5. Love, You Never Let Me Go featuring Savannah Ellis

6. Jesus, Lover Of My Soul featuring Chris Eaton

7. It Is Well featuring Chris McClarney

8. Savior, Like A Shepherd Lead Us (Blessed Jesus) featuring Leigh Nash

9. All I Have Is Christ featuring Sean Carter and Emmy Rogers

10. In Feast Or Fallow featuring Sandra McCracken

For all the latest Simple Hymns news, visit, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

About Venture3Media:

Venture3Media is a global music label and song publisher with sales, marketing, promotional, radio, television and movie expertise. V3M provides distribution platforms across all digital channels, including but not limited to Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Tencent, 7Digital, Google Music, Facebook, Pandora, Tidal, Sirius and Rhapsody. Physical distribution includes online retailers such as Amazon, national retail chains, sub-distributors and internationally through well-established licensee’s and distributors.


Band Partners With YouTube Live, Facebook Live For A Global

“DECLARATION” Event April 3

GRAMMY® nominated, RIAA Certified Gold-selling rock band RED is set to release its seventh studio album and first-ever independent, full-length album DECLARATION April 3, one week earlier than expected from RED ENTERTAINMENT / The Fuel Music. The album is available to pre-add / pre-save now at digital and streaming outlets globally from the link,

A tour de force, DECLARATION features lead singer Michael Barnes crisscrossing the anthemic breadth of RED’s unique balance of raw refinement and poised aggression, blending nu metal and alternative hard rock with both classical and orchestral elements.

“This album is definitely a statement,” notes Barnes. “There is a lot of raw energy and unfiltered emotion.” Guitarist/writer Anthony Armstrong agrees, “The album is a culmination of all that we’ve seen and learned, everyone we’ve met and connected with over the past 15 years. All these experiences shaped our approach to making the statement that is this album.”

The ten-song DECLARATION includes the Loudwire-premiered lead single “The Evening Hate” and follow-up singles “From The Ashes,” “Sever,” “All For You” and “The War We Made,” which has been heard live by a few hundred thousand music fans at arenas around the USA this year before COVID-19 interrupted tours worldwide.

Not content to just sit tight and wait for the world to begin working again before sharing the new music live, RED is partnering with YouTube Live and Facebook Live for a global “DECLARATION” event April 3 beginning at 9:00 am (Los Angeles) / 12:00 Noon (New York City / Rio de Janeiro) / 4:00 pm (London) / 7:00 pm (Moscow). During the event they will perform acoustic renditions of the new music, as well as take questions from fans. Tune into the event at


RED has always poured everything into the recording process but being independent took it to another level. “My favorite memory from the recording process was how we finished,” shares Barnes. “We were on tour with In Flames but still had a couple songs to complete. The tour had a day off after Salt Lake City, so right after we played that show Anthony and Dan (Johnson, drummer) rented a car and drove through the night to L.A. to track drums the next morning. Randy and I followed with the rest of the crew in the bus and arrived later in the day so I could track a bunch of vocals, including the bridge on ‘The War We Made.’ We then slept on the bus in front of the studio that night, went to another studio in Hollywood Hills the next day to finish tracking, and then played the tour show in L.A. that night. That rock ‘n roll energy is all over this record!”

Since bursting on the scene with breakout single “Breathe Into Me” and album End Of Silence (2006), both certified gold, RED has built its career not only on music, but a visual representation of matching scope. From cross-album narrative-weaving music videos to pyrotechnic infused graphic-novel-come-to-life arena tours, the band delivers a multiple sensory spectacle. The result is an intense, emotional connection with a global audience, now spanning more than 20 No. 1 radio singles and three million albums sold/streamed worldwide.

All the latest RED tour updates, news and more can be found at, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify and Facebook where they have nearly one million likes.

About RED:

Rock band RED, comprised of Michael Barnes (vocals), identical twin brothers Anthony (guitars) and Randy Armstrong (Bass), and Dan Johnson (drums), launched its RIAA Certified Gold album End of Silence in 2006 followed by five acclaimed albums that together amassed two million albums sold, hundreds of millions of streams, two Top 10 Active Rock singles, three Top 10 Mainstream Rock singles, 24 consecutive No. 1 hits at CRR radio and two Gold-selling singles (“Breathe Into Me,” “Already Over”). The band has also received two GRAMMY nominations, six Dove Awards and multiple film, TV and gaming placements while being featured by Conan, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, USA Today, Rolling Stone, Guitar World and many more. The band’s touring has taken them to more than 25 countries across 2,500+ concerts while their musical instrument endorsements include: Westone, PRS Guitars,, Mesa Boogie Amps, Line 6 and more. Forming RED ENTERTAINMENT last year, the band launches its DECLARATION everywhere April 3.

About The Fuel Music:

Established in 2008, The Fuel Music & Management, LLC, is a leading artist management and artist solutions company that independently distributes music internationally. Based in Nashville, TN, the Fuel team brings nearly 70 years of combined music industry experience in record label operations, major label distribution and marketing, and artist management for artists ranging from upstart bands to GRAMMY Award-winning, multi-Platinum artists. More information on the company can be found at

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