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      Music Video Version of Title Track Releases Today, February 15, 2019, to Celebrate City of God Pre-Release Campaign Kick Off
Husband and wife singer/songwriter duo The Cashmans are offering the digital version of their upcoming CD, City of God, at a special pre-release price of just $5.99 via iTunes from Feb. 15-28, 2019, from CLG Distribution. (Lee Steffen photo) 

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (February 15,  2019) – Evangelistic husband and  wife singer/songwriter duo, The Cashmans, are thrilled to announce a special pre-release campaign for the long awaited national release of their CD, City of God.   
The project is slated to impact retail March 1, 2019, from CLG Distribution, and will be available digitally from major online retailers, including iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play, at an MSRP of $9.99.

But from February 15-28, 2019, fans can download the full digital album at a special pre-release price of just $5.99 through a special arrangement with iTunes. Click this link to take advantage of this special pricing that is only available from iTunes:   “We’re so excited about the upcoming release of our new album, City of God!” says Britney Cashman. “To help celebrate the release, and introduce the record to people who may have never heard about our ministry or music previously, we wanted to make the ditigal CD available for the two weeks prior at a special discounted pre-release price. We pray the music and message blesses all who hear it!” In addition to special pricing, fans will also get to experience the official music video for the title track, “City of God,” which releases today, Friday, February 15, 2019, to celebrate the launch of the pre-release of the digital album.       “The “City of God” music video was such a blast to film!” adds Jonathan Cashman. “We were able to work with our good friend, talented videographer Stephen Morgan of Studiotown, in The Garden of the Gods National Park in Colorado. The music video features quick clips of B roll footage that we captured during our ministry travels and touring, and gives the viewer a little glance into our personal lives on the road. Our hope for this music video is that it encourages viewers to follow Jesus’s call in their own lives and communities to ‘Go, make disciples.'”   For more information on The Cashmans and their City of God CD, which will release on March 1, 2019, visit # # #

About City of God:  The City of God project was produced by Grammy nominated, Dove Award winning Producer of the Year Ian Eskelin (Francesca Battistelli, Sidewalk Prophets, Chris August, Hawk Nelson), Grammy, Dove nominated producer/mixer Barry Weeks (Kelly Clarkson, Backstreet Boys, Francesca Battistelli), and Austin Cannon (Vertical Worship, Lincoln Brewster, Christy Nockels), who produced the “City of God” and “All Things New” remixes. City of God features songwriting collaborations with Eskelin, Grammy nominee Sarah Hart (Amy Grant, Celtic Woman, Matt Maher, Laura Story, Audrey Assad), and Dove Award winner, SESAC Country Song of the Year award winner, and CMA & ACM nominee Brian White (Danny Gokey, Mandisa, Rodney Atkins, Rascal Flatts), among others.  
City of God runs the stylistic gamut from CCM pop and Americana to heartfelt worship. The Cashmans imbue each song on the album with an intimate spiritual vitality that comes from spending time in the Word. But more than that, the project as a whole lays a firm foundation of worship and discipleship.         For the Cashmans, who met in 2004 when they were both playing their songs in the Boston music scene, and who dated while ministering, discipleship is far from being just a tagline or byword–it has become a long-term commitment and a way of life.
“Britney and I are both products of personal discipleship, which is why we have such a heart for it,” Jonathan Cashman explains. “That is the focus of “City of God,” and a number of the other songs on this album. As followers of Jesus, this is our response to the gospel–going into the harvest and engaging in the Great Commission.”   
The compelling, cello-embellished contemporary pop-folk ballad, “City of God,” co-written with Hart (co-writer of Amy Grant’s “Better Than a Hallelujah”), is an intense call to action. We will go, to the world He so loves / Oh, we will go, building the city of God, Jonathan and Britney declare as they encourage listeners to come along on this journey of faith. Fans will also enjoy a thumping, drum-and-bass embellished EDM (Electric Dance Mix) bonus track version of the song, and they can look forward to a music video version, which is slated to release in conjunction with the CD.    The Cashmans collaborated with Hart on several other songs on City of God, including the gentle acoustic anthem, “Harvest,” the contemporary hymn, “The Glory and the Grace,” and the up-tempo praise song, “Let Everything Praise.”

Jonathan and Britney Cashman co-wrote the bouncy, can’t-get-it-out-of-your-head pop tune, “All Things New,” with Grammy nominated songwriter Ian Eskelin (Jeremy Camp’s “I Will Follow” and Francesca Battistelli’s “My Paper Heart”). “It is another picture of the Gospel,” Britney Cashman explains. “Jesus makes all things new. It sounds like a simple concept, but when you think about what it really means, being made new is a pretty incredible thing.” City of God also features a spunky dance remix of “All Things New” that will compel listeners to get up on their feet.  
Britney takes over lead vocals on the driving rock anthem, “Your Love,” co-written by Britney, Jonathan and Brian White, and on the heartfelt piano ballad, “Surrender.”

“Britney wrote ‘Surrender’ quite a while ago, and it has touched more people than I can count,” says Jonathan. “It has become somewhat of an ‘ender’ song for us. We frequently end concerts with this song because it is so powerful in reaching people’s hearts.”

“The whole concept of identity is hugely important,” Jonathan says of the acoustic guitar-driven “Children of God.” “When you know who you are in Christ, when you know you are not just some mistake but that you are actually a child of God, it changes everything. Not only do you know who you are, you know what you are to do. You were created for a purpose. That’s really the story behind ‘Children of God.’ It’s a gospel-centric tune based around the first chapter of the Gospel of John.”

“Reaching” is an upbeat, stompy-pop tune that encourages listeners to use one hand to reach out to God and the other to reach out to hurting hearts.    Britney wrote “Home” unexpectedly and late in the game, when the recording process was nearly complete. Consequently, the song almost didn’t make it onto the album. “Home” was birthed during a time of major changes for The Cashmans when they felt called to sell their home and move back to Nashville to further their ministry. Growing up with the challenges of a broken home, Britney says moving often represented a sense of insecurity and a lack of stability in her life. “I was reminded by our heavenly Father that in the shelter of His presence we are home,” Britney says. “It was a special moment for me personally as I wrote the song, and it has been really sweet to see how it has impacted and resonated with listeners. I’m really glad the song made the final cut on the CD.”

Sweet strings and acoustic guitars undergird the prayerful, meandering “Carried to the Table,” the only cover tune on the album. Written by Leeland Mooring, Marc Byrd, and Steve Hindalong, the song draws on the story of Mephibosheth, the crippled grandson of King Saul, whom King David had carried to his table. “The table of the king covered Mephibosheth’s brokenness,” Jonathan explains. “It is such a beautiful picture of the Gospel, and how Christ’s blood covers our brokenness, that we wanted to include it on this album.     “I love sharing my story when we do this song live,” Jonathan continues. “I can relate a lot with Mephibosheth in the sense that I felt completely unworthy of the King’s acceptance when, like him, I was picked up and carried out of my place of brokenness and shame. I came to Christ in my early twenties when Dave, the guitarist in my band at the time, became a Christian and started witnessing to me and our other bandmates. I thought he’d lost it, or gotten himself into a cult or something, because in my home state of Rhode Island, if you’re religious but not Catholic, you’re probably in a cult,” Jonathan jokingly explained. “I was steeped in a heavy party lifestyle at the time, living out the whole sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll thing. I noticed a genuine change for the good in Dave which intrigued me… he was your average Dave one day, then this guy, this compassionate, loving, somewhat annoying guy who kept telling us about the love of Jesus and the gospel. This started us talking and I finally agreed to go to church with him. I reluctantly showed up at his small New England Assemblies of God church one morning, hung over from a long night of partying. During the worship, even though musically I thought it was horrible and my head was pounding, I   encountered the presence of God. I felt like Mephibosheth did, like a dead dog in the presence of the King, so I really relate with this message.”    The peace-inflected, piano-driven prayer, “Speak to Me,” written by Britney Cashman and Rebekah White, closes the project. “Sometimes we feel like God is silent,” Britney says. “Sometimes we feel distant from God, even though He is always speaking through His Word and through His people. When we are in those situations, sometimes we just have to press through in prayer. “Speak to Me” is a song I wrote during a time I personally really needed to hear from God. My hope is that through this song, others are inspired to express their hearts through prayer and to spend time in the presence of God through worship and the reading of His Word. He speaks, but often we just need to do a better job of listening.”
“Our hope for City of God is that people will be introduced or reminded of the power of the gospel and will be encouraged to get engaged, and to take the Great Commission seriously,” Jonathan says of the project. “The two pillars of our ministry are discipleship and worship. Britney’s heart beats worship, and my strength lies in the discipleship arena, speaking and encouraging the church to get involved in the Great Commission. Worship allows people to experience the presence of God, but then there needs to be a purpose and plan to do something about it. That’s where discipleship comes in.”
The couple recalls their encounter with Kevin, a young man who had given his life to Christ just a few days before he reached out to their church’s prayer line, where Jonathan was the Worship and Life Groups Pastor. Kevin had felt compelled by the Holy Spirit to confess his infidelities to his wife, and was distraught when she threatened to leave him.

“I knew this man needed prayer, but he also needed a lot more,” Jonathan explains. “I invited him to a small group I had just started, and week by week, month by month, we prayed for him, listened to him, mentored him, discipled him, and became friends with him. It was rough going for a while. As you can imagine, Kevin’s wife was skeptical. But I began to see a change in Kevin as he grew in his relationship with Christ, and eventually his wife saw a change in him, too. After about a year, she believed that the Lord had done a genuine work in Kevin, recommitted to the relationship, and committed her life to Christ, as well. That’s just one example of what we’ve seen the Lord do through discipleship.”
 In addition to The Cashmans’ music ministry, they are also published authors. Jonathan wrote the devotional book, 40 Days with the SAVIOR with co-author, theologian Andrew Sargent, PhD. Both Jonathan and Britney collaborated with Sargent on their latest book, GO!: Making 21st Century Disciple Makers.

While The Cashmans have toured approximately 150 days per year for a number of years, City of God represents their debut national release and gives long-time fans, as well as those who are just now discovering their music, a reason to rejoice.   “This is somewhat of a debut for us on the national stage,” says Jonathan. “We are excited to get the music and message out there, and we hope people who hear us will experience Christ through the music.”  For more information on The Cashmans and City of God, and GO!: Making 21st Century Disciple Makers, visit
Britney and Jonathan Cashman focus on the twin ministry pillars of worship and discipleship on their CD, City of God, which releases to retail March 1, 2019, from CLG Distribution. (Lee Steffen photo)

About The Cashmans:
Jonathan and Britney Cashman both encountered God’s love and grace in New England in 1999 and dedicated their lives to Christ and to the work of furthering the gospel. The two met in 2004 when they were both playing their songs at the same venue outside of Boston. After Britney asked Jonathan to produce a worship song for her, they got together and have been writing and singing with one another ever since. Married in 2006, they have since used their writing and musical abilities to minister together and serve their local churches in New England, Nashville, Tennessee, and Orlando, Florida, where they served as worship leaders for Calvary Assembly of God and Jonathan also served as Life Groups Pastor.
Jonathan holds a bachelor’s degree in theology from Northpoint Bible College and is also the writer/composer of the 40 song, bi-lingual musical, SAVIOR, along with its accompanying devotional book and small group materials, 40 Days with the SAVIOR (co-written by Dr. Andrew Sargent). These original resources, along with their newest full length worship CD, City of God, Britney’s worship CD, Surrender, their EP, In the Light, and their latest book, GO!: Making 21st Century Disciple Makers, serve as effective church resources.

In 2014, The Cashmans followed a call of God to travel and expand their reach to churches and communities across the United States. Jonathan and Britney now apply their combined 30+ years of ministry experience to full time music ministry, traveling to approximately 150 dates per year and helping to serve and build the local church across America and internationally. They utilize the arts to present the hope of the gospel and the Great Commisssion to go and make disciples in a creative and contemporary format. Their desire is to see people grow in their relationship with Christ through authentic worship, relevant evangelism and purposeful discipleship.  
Jonathan and Britney currently live in Franklin, Tennessee, with their baby girl, Everly. For more information on The Cashmans, visit     About CLG Distribution:  CLG Distribution offers distribution services for mid to advanced level artists and labels, with the goal to represent the top up and coming artists who are looking for an opportunity to “up their game.” If you have a story to tell, we’ll present your new releases to the taste makers at the top digital retail sites. For more information visit:   

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