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“We Are Alive” Climbs CHR Radio Chart As First Rock Single From INNOVA, “Resuscitate,” Continues Into Its 12th Week At No. 1


iTunes Offers Both Singles As Instant Downloads With INNOVA Pre-Order


Fireflight Members Return From Mission Trip To Jamaica


The momentum toward the May 5 release of INNOVA, the first new album in over three years from Fireflight, continues to build. This week the band declares “We Are Alive” with its new video and single from INNOVA. Produced by Phil Earnest, the “We Are Alive” video exclusively premieres today on Alternative Press at Following the premiere, the video will be hosted on the band’s YouTube page and be available for music video shows everywhere.


“Life is precious. Every moment is another chance to thank God for the power and beauty that He surrounds us with and celebrate the miracle of His grace that has set us free,” says Fireflight lead singer and new mother, Dawn Michele, citing Colossians 3:1 as the inspiration for “We Are Alive.”


While the amped up energy of “We Are Alive” taps into the concept of community and the ability to build one another up, lead single “Resuscitate” stays true to the band’s heavy musical roots and has not only already sparked Fireflight’s eighth No. 1 hit on Billboard’s Christian Rock chart, but also continues to hold that top spot on the chart for its 12th consecutive week. Both songs are available now as instant downloads with a pre-order of INNOVA on iTunes or on


INNOVA is a masterful step forward utilizing the innovative tools available to established bands in 2015, while building on a storied history that includes a Grammy nomination, major festivals and nearly 400,000 albums sold. The female-vocal-driven, upbeat electro-pop anthems, moody industrial-tinged ballads and crowd-moving riffs found in INNOVA on songs like “Keep Fighting,” “We Are Alive,” “Lightning” and “Safety” (which features ANBERLIN’s Stephen Christian), is a modern take on a timeless alt-rock sound. Fans enamored by Imagine Dragons, Ellie Goulding, Katy Perry and the more adventurous post-Britpop of Coldplay, will all be invigorated by Fireflight‘s new album.


Fireflight built a fiercely devoted following across four albums pushed through the major label system, including The Healing Of Harms, Unbreakable, For Those Who Wait (which cracked Billboard‘s Top 100) and the No. 1 Christian Rock Album, Now, which surfaced in Spring 2012. The band relied on the same fans who gave them 13 million views on VEVO and No. 1 singles at specialty radio to create INNOVA, with a PledgeMusic campaign that hit 125% of its goal.


Band cofounders Dawn Michele (vocals), Wendy Drennen (bass, backing vocals), Glenn Drennen (guitar) and Adam McMillion (drums since 2011) chose 5/5/15 as the album’s release date for a number of significant reasons: it is Fireflight‘s fifth studio album, and is a celebration of their 15th year as a band.


Reflecting the new methods of crowd participation, INNOVA is also a bold creative leap. The album was crafted during a season of pain, uncertainty and frustration, broadening Fireflight‘s sound to exhilarating new heights without losing the core personal connection to their past.


INNOVA, which is Latin for ‘renew,’ is a really old word, but it sounds almost futuristic, as well,” Glenn explains. “It really told the story in one word of bridging what Fireflight has done in the past with our creative future.”


With the perspective that can only come from the beat keeper’s position, McMillion paints the most vivid picture of what INNOVA means to this veteran band and their compelling re-introduction: “Every night, I see a connection happening, then I hear the stories from many fans firsthand. We are real people who deeply care about the community within our fans. More than merely making a record we’re proud of, that’s the heart of what Fireflight means to us.”


While Fireflight’s touring will be quiet through the first quarter of 2015 as singer Dawn and her husband welcomed their first child this week, Glenn and Wendy, along with their four-year-old son Phoenix, have taken the opportunity to travel to Jamaica for a 10-day mission trip.


“In those 10 short days, we were able to get to know the lovely people of Pepper / St Elizabeth, Jamaica and help our friends prepare a building to open a mini-mart that will be a business opportunity, helping the community grow with provisions closer to home,” says Wendy. “This will not only provide job opportunities for the young guys we got to know while we were there, but will also provide a store close to home for the families of Pepper to purchase their basic food needs.”


While in Jamaica, the couple also spent time with local children, teaching them games, guitar basics, giving some of the girls manicures and pedicures, and more. (See images from Jamaica below.)

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