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4D CHRISTIAN THEATER OPENS AT THE CREATION MUSEUM, DEBUTING POWERFUL SHORT FILM, IN SIX DAYS Film Allows Visitors to be Immersed in Creation, and Experience Genesis 1 As Never Before
PENSACOLA, FL – To celebrate the opening of The Creation Museum’s brand-new, world-class 4D Special Effects Theater, Creation Today has created the short film IN SIX DAYS, a 22-minute animated cut of the award-winning feature film GENESIS: PARADISE LOST.      By combining stunning RealD 3D animation, epic orchestration heard on state-of-the-art sound systems, and special effects that include rumbling seats, strobe lighting, and other surprises, the extraordinary 4D theater takes audiences to an unmatched level of understanding and entertainment.     Creation Museum guests are already raving about the unique cinematic experience of IN SIX DAYS. Donning infrared 3D shutter glasses, viewers are vividly transported to the first 6 days of the universe, making them feel as if they were there: watching plants spring from the ground, planets and stars form in the heavens, the waters bring forth the sea creatures, and Adam and Eve explore the beautify of Eden. Ken Ham, Founder and CEO of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum, states, “With the new 4D theater at the museum and other upgrades, I believe our guests will be dazzled by all the new technology. It will greatly help us teach biblical truths, starting with Genesis.”   The full-length, RealD 3D version of the film released on over 1,200 screens last fall and was nominated for 6 top awards, including winning Best Director of a Documentary at the 2018 International Christian Film Festival.  GENESIS: PARADISE LOST and IN SIX DAYS are only a fraction of the many endeavors to fulfill the Creation Today mission: impact the world to KNOW and DEFEND their Creator-GOD!      Eric Hovind, Founder and President of Creation Today, explains, “We saw the opportunity to create an experience that goes far beyond just reading about the creation account in Scripture. The Creation Museum’s 4D theater experience allows a multi-sensory experience that will leave a lasting impact on the viewer. I guarantee you will look at Genesis 1 with new eyes after experiencing IN SIX DAYS!”   GENESIS: PARADISE LOST and IN SIX DAYS are part of Creation Today, a Bible-based 501(c)(3) apologetics ministry committed to excellence and the spread of the Gospel. For the past decade,Creation Today has been on the front lines of the creation vs. evolution controversy, apologetics, and evangelism.   The 4D Special Effects Theater is located at The Creation Museum, 2800 Bullittsburg Church Road, Petersburg, KY 41080. Tickets and more information can be found at:

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