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Josh Turner – I Serve a Savior

Josh Turner
I Serve a Savior
MCA Nashville

I still remember Turner’s debut and just how excited I was to hear what I thought was the epitome of style for country music. His booming baritone stirred up memories of when mom and dad played a lot of ‘70’s country music around the home. I wasn’t a big fan of country then, but the nostalgia of it all now has stirred up good memories when I’ve listened to Josh Turner.

I can’t believe it took this long for Turner to come out with a gospel album. At first I thought I must surely have missed a gospel album from him sometime in the past decade or more of albums.  However, that’s not the case and his is his first such album.  Since it was a long time coming, and a such a meaningful recording for him, Turner was very deliberate about his song selection. He also made sure that he added his own bit of flair without compromising the integrity of the original. Additionally, there are a couple of  tracks that were recorded live, including his monumental hit “Long Black Train.”  All together they make for a very wonderful experience and an admirable gospel album.

Some of the other standouts include “How Great Thou Art,” “The River (Of Happiness),” and “Amazing Grace.” I Serve a Savior is a great testament of Turner’s faith and an equal representation of his amazing talent. Check out for more details and some samples.

– Ken W.

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