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Colton Dixon – Identity

Colton Dixon

The first time around, I dismissed Colton Dixon mostly because of the American Idol connection. I am not a fan of the overall concept of the show or the possible exploitation of the status the show can provide. However, after seeing Colton live and learning more about Colton the person and not the “idol,” I was finding myself more and more drawn to him and his music. I am certainly glad my opinions were challenged and I had been looking forward to this new release with much anticipation.

“Identity” is a concept album that has been broken down into three subjects; mind, body and spirit. The sections are creatively introduced by a spoken-word/instrumental segue. The album overall has a very progressive pop-rock soundtrack with elements of dance-tracks. Having experienced Colton’s live show once before, I am guessing these new songs will take his live show to a whole new level.

Personally, I really got into the album after the “Body” segment and particularly the song “Warriors.” It really seemed to pick up some momentum and further excitement at that point. I also like the Gospel message of “No Greater Love.” The highlight though is “The Other Side,” a peaceful song about life in eternity and how those behind can be comforted by the hope of salvation found in Jesus.

For more on “Identity” and Colton Dixon, check out his official website at where you can get tour information and song previews.

-Ken W.

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