Aaron Shust – Unto Us


Aaron Shust
Unto Us

I was honestly going to compare “Unto Us” to a Michael W. Smith production and then I read in the press release that Shust was “heavily” influenced by MWS’s 1989 album, “Christmas.” “Unto Us” has many of the same production values; heavy orchestration, strong vocal leads, and just an overall exuberant sound.

I find it very interesting how Shust constructed this album. “I actually break the record into three categories: proclamation, adoration, and celebration,” wrote Shust.

Furthermore, Shust put a lot of effort into creating original songs that mixes with a bit of tradition. Most notable is the “adoration” tracks, “Sanctuary,” “Keep Silent” and “Behlehem.” These are more subtle tracks with a tapestry of music that’s very traditional.

The CD closes with ‘celebration’ on “Rejoice” and “Go Tell It.”

“Unto Us” is more than just Christmas music; it’s the Christmas story loudly declared through song. And as the closer proclaims; go tell it!

Check out for more information on “Unto Us.”

– Ken W.

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