Lacey Strurm – The Reason

The Reason

How I Discovered a Life Worth Living

Lacey Strurm

the-reasonI had the pleasure of a “meet and greet” with Lacey this past summer. I watched amazed as she eloquently responded to deeply personal inquiries by those conducting press interviews.   Prior to this event, my knowledge of Lacey had not gone any deeper than being a fan of her music and even that was on a surface level.

What I discovered in this brief encounter was a delightfully devoted woman of God that’s determined to share her life experiences in more ways than just musically. There is no doubt that her lyrics have touch many already and even with her departure from the infamous “Flyleaf,” I am certain she will continue with the same fervor independently.

However, the back-story has changed dramatically, and for some insight into her life journey (to this date), Lacey shares intimate details in her autobiography “The Reason.” I found the book to be very revealing of a life of struggles, joy, closeness and loneliness and most importantly, a life redeemed.

Like all of us, Lacey is still a life in process, but her story to date is very inspiring and I am certain that devoted fans will find “The Reason” to be very enlightening. I have personally enjoyed learning more about the person behind the song so to speak and I look forward with anticipation as to what comes next on her platform.

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– Ken W.

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