Haley Montgomery – Dry Bones


Haley Montgomery
Dry Bones

“Dry Bones” is the third independent release from Haley Montgomery. Haley is a worship artist from the San Diego, CA area. While the first two tracks start out with a bit flashier soundtrack, I was most impressed with the softer more tender sounds of “Undone,” “When I Think Upon the Cross,” and “Sing Hallelujah.”

It’s in these three songs that I really connected with her heartfelt worship. I love how reflective and personal “When I Think Upon the Cross” comes across. It’s a wonderful hymn of adoration. Lastly, the power of the closing chorus of “Sign Hallelujah” is just amazing. It has a powerful way of moving you into worship.

I believe the songs of “Dry Bones” give you a good idea of how well Haley can lead worship. You can check out to sample Haley’s music and to discover more about her worship ministry.

– Ken W.

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