Kerrie Roberts – My Heart’s Lifted


Kerrie Roberts
My Heart’s Lifted
Hooty 2, LLC

Last summer, I had the opportunity to see Kerrie Roberts live at Lifest ( I was honestly impressed with her testimony and I was taken back about the fact that her contract was dropped primarily based on sales as I understood it; or a combination of sales and chart I believe.

Either way, I was reminded of how the industry can sometimes be (or has to be) a business first.

However, I was encouraged when she spoke of releasing a new album independently. And now that time has come with “My Heart’s Lifted.”

The new EP is lyrically strong and speaks of God lifting up those who are “The Broken Ones” and at desperate lows – “Come Back to Life.” The aptly named title track really says it all. Roberts’ heart for the hurting is clear and the message of the Gospel is even clearer.

“My Heart’s Lifted” is a delightful bit of worship and inspiration and Kerrie is in excellent form vocally. Check out her official website < > for more information.

– Ken W.

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