Ginny Owens – I Know a Secret


Ginny Owens
I Know a Secret
Chick Power Music

Ginny was at the forefront of CCM early in the 2000’s and she had a very successful run on Rocketown Records for most of her career. Following her departure from there she maintained her presence through a trio of releases (2006, 2009, and 2011).

Her latest release is “I Know a Secret” (2014). A long-time favorite producer, Monroe Jones, joins Ginny on “Secret.” It’s a winning partnership that has marked some of the highlights of her past career.

Having a heart of gold and a willingness to wear that heart on her sleeve (and in her music), Ginny has a wonderful way of connecting to her listeners. She has always been a favorite singer-songwriter. I have had the personal pleasure of meeting Ginny and observing her ‘fan’ interactions.

“Secret” is 14 tracks of gentleness and encouragement. “I Am Yours” is a beautiful song that sings of surrendering to God’s will. Something that is not easy to do during our trials, but as she sings; “I will choose to be thankful – ‘Cause You’ll always be faithful” There’s an interesting chorus of “O The Deep” that includes an audio drop of a ‘wartime announcement,’ that has an almost melancholy feeling.

“I Know a Secret” is a brilliant new CD full of impactful lyrics derived from significant life experiences that form a bond between singer and listener.

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– Ken W.

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