Misty Edwards – Little Bird


Misty Edwards
Little Bird
New Day Distribution

I am most familiar with Misty Edwards’ work with leading worship at the International House of Prayer of Kansas City. However, her solo work here on “Little Bird” is significantly different than her last worship album, “Only a Shadow.”

“Little Bird” is much more personal. It is a heartfelt collection of spiritually inspirational songs with a slightly modern pop soundtrack compared to her more sporadic worship style on previous CDs.

In her own works;

“A lot of worship leaders feel limited and frustrated creatively, but we’re called to so much more as Christians, even when it comes to our typical definition of worship,” shares Misty. “I also wanted to channel the kind of music I personally listen to, so it’s also a case of being authentic to what I like. I strongly believe there’s a whole group of listeners who won’t gravitate towards worship music because they have a taste for a different kind of creativity, and it was in my heart to reach those people.”

The title track, “Little Bird,” is a snappy little tune with a lot of feeling. “Killing Me with Mercy” has some of the vocal power that I particularly liked on “Only a Shadow.” It’s a very impassioned worship style that she’s ported over into this more ambient pop CD.

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