Danen Kane – “Flesh and Soul”


Danen Kane
“Flesh and Soul”
10 tracks 39:15
Grade = A

Wisconsin native Danen Kane releases one of his best records.

The opening track “The Song That Sets Us Free” should break through on Christian radio. The musical style, a mix of acoustic and rock, fits Danen’s style.

Oh his web site Danen says, “There is a battle between flesh and spirit, a tension of living in our brokenness and our bodies and yet very much desiring God in every single moment. It’s a daily battle for the brand-new Christian or the Christian of 40 or 50 years. This record is about embracing the journey of sanctification and encouraging myself and encouraging others that if you’re not in the best spot, or if you’re struggling or feel like you’ve taken a step back, to keep fighting and keep wrestling with that.”

All original compositions, the CD closes with a lovely rendition of the traditional hymn “Come Thou Font of Every Blessing.”

– Rob S.

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