Britt Nicole – The Remixes


Britt Nicole
The Remixes
Capitol Christian Music Group

This young firecracker known as Britt Nicole has already had a big impact on radio and in sales and so why not celebrate with an all out dance party. I’m not typically a fan of “remix” and buy-again, but the new versions are a lot of fun and interesting enough that it’s worth the price of readmission.

The new mixes give you a chance to hear the work of artist like Lecrae, Pro Fit, My Kid Brother, J Sapp, and more on remixes of hits like “Glow,” “Gold,” and “Ready or Not.” There’s actually two version of “Gold” that are distinctly different and enjoyable in their own way.

Overall, It’s like taking a firecracker and transforming it into high explosives.

Check out for more on “The Remixes.”

– Ken W.

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