Lauren Daigle – How Can It Be


Lauren Daigle
How Can It Be

While the full studio release of “How Can It Be” just hit the stores this April, I have had the privilege of listen to a preview for quite some time now. My first impression was that Daigle sings with gusto. I believe the press release calls her voice “smoky and sweet.” It’s a perfect vocal combination when it comes to exhibiting a vibrant passion and that’s exactly what I love about Daigle’s music. I just want to turn it up and be lost in the enthusiasm of it all.

There is a constant theme of trust throughout the lyrics and it is not something she takes lightly. Her personal testimony includes having to turn to God, crying out and trusting in Him as it says in the aptly titled “Trust In You.”

And there is also a tender side to her vocals with the wispy “Power To Redeem,” a beautiful song about our mighty savior Jesus.

Another powerful track is “Dry Bones” which is derived from the Old Testament profit Ezekiel (37). It’s a great reminder that we can trust in God to give us strength to pull through difficult circumstances.

Closing the project are two more laid-back tracks “Salt & Light” and “Once and For All.” Both are very reflective songs that speak to you in a very personal way. Daigle is an excellent communicator between the power of her vocals and the sensible depth of her lyrics.

I know that Daigle has received a fair showing on radio so many have heard her singles, but I think you’ll want to dig deeper into who she is and what else she has to offer on the full release of “How Can It Be.” For more, check out her official website at

– Ken W.

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