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Abandon Kansas
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My immediate thought was “controversial,” as I am attuned to sterilized radio tunes that rarely get more provocative than a G rated movie. Good or bad, crass or cultured, the lyrical content is going to stimulate discussion. So as long as Abandon Kansas isn’t worried about isolating some, or receiving backlash from the Christian community (in general), they have a winner. It’s a deeply personal album about a life that’s not always peachy.

Personally, I find some of it to be very poetic. In particular, the feeling I get listening to “What You Meant” is very genuine. And this wouldn’t be the first time I’ve received a project for review with an Explicit Lyrics warning, so the last little “d***it” dropped at the end of “What You Meant” wasn’t as shocking to me, but it may be to others.

“Mirror” makes me hurt for those that never find hope, those that eventually give up on God. It also brings up a thought that I rarely got a sense of hope at all throughout the album, except for the closer “You Oughta Know.” I would like to have had all the lyrics though to really dig into each song, but in my mind this closing song is a positive and reassuring song to close on.

“Alligator” is an album that’s likely to connect well with the faithful followers of Abandon Kansas, however, it’s likely to ruffle feathers with a few explicative words dropped in for expressive purposes and it’s darker side of life lyrical perspective.

– Ken W.

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