Sarah Brusco – The Woven Whisper


Sarah Brusco
The Woven Whisper

Sarah’s bio states that she creates “space;” “Space to contemplate. Space to worship.” And that’s exactly how I would describe her music styling on “The Woven Whisper.”

It has a very atmospheric tone and the vocals tend to be introspective and airy. It’s like a gentle breeze of melody similar to a fragrant breeze through a lilac bush, very pleasing to the senses and calming to the spirit.

A couple of my favorite songs are “The Wood Between the Worlds” and “Exalt the Lord.” The first is more of a musical interlude, as it is primarily instrumental with cries of worship in the background. It inspires a meditative state that puts the focus on worship, which is where “Exalt the Lord” comes in as my second favorite. It’s a perfect example of the heart of the artist.

Every track on the CD is literally woven with melodious prayer and worship. “At Peace” however, steps out of the usual lighthearted format with a bit of hip-hop infused worship. It’s subtle though and mostly during the intro/outro portion of the song. “The Woven Whisper” is a decent alternative/addition to the more contemporary pop worship. I found it to be very peaceful and contemplative with an altogether very calming effect.

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– Ken W.

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