Fireflight – INNOVA



I may just not be remembering correctly, but it sounds like there’s been a fairly significant change in musical styling on this Fireflight album. I thought of them as more of a rock band and this album has a more pop-dance-track sound to it.

Unfortunately, on the first listen, I thought that a lot of it was musically repetitive from track to track. It wasn’t until “Resuscitate” that I felt that I was really getting into the music. However, given enough time I think it could grow on me as there are still many redeeming qualities including the positive and gospel centric lyrics.

The changes are addressed as well on their “About” page and it really makes a lot more sense if you read through that first. In the moment, it is sometimes hard to remember that behind most of these projects are hard working individuals trying to do what God has called them to do through whatever circumstances they may face.

Check out the story (and music) yourself at their official website:

– Ken W.

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