TobyMac – This Is Not A Test


This Is Not A Test

The sensational new release from TobyMac drops this week and with it he continues to show that his “Lights Shine Bright.” Everyone has their preferences, but “This Is Not a Test” is to me one of his most accessible and original CD’s in a long time. Right from the start with the energetic “Like a Match” to the testimonial “Undeniable,” the CD is jam-packed with Gospel-centric lyrics and burst of rock and hip-hop that’s sure to add to his already flavorful live performances.

A few notable tracks; first, the smooth “Love Broke Thru” with it’s airy chorus and meaningful testimony. Secondly, “Love Feels Like” features a reunited (electronically) DC Talk. Aside from it just being a great song, it’s a glimpse of just how powerful and relevant a DC Talk reunion could be. While he may jest about it in the intro of “Til the Day I Die,” I am still thinking it would be the most phenomenal thing to happen in CCM in a long time.

On the new CD, Toby has stated;

The title of the album comes as a reminder to “make every moment count, and make every second count,” explains TobyMac. “I started collecting concepts as soon as I turned in the last record three years ago, and started working on this album a year and a half ago. The concepts are all based on my life experiences.” An album that he feels reflects important themes like loving each other well and the richness of diversity.

I think that summarizes it very well. Three years of hard work and intentionality pays off for your and I and TobyMac fans all over the world. I for one will be watching for the upcoming tour with much anticipation and in the mean time, strike it up and let your love rock on.

– Ken W.

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