Stryper – Fallen


Frontiers Records

The latest onslaught of rock called “Fallen” releases today (10/16/15) and it’s no timid release. The lead track, “Yahweh” is a fist-pumping guitar grinding battle cry for Jesus. And then on the title track, Michael Sweet does not let you forget about his signature pipes and just how powerful they are. It’s a God fearing metal lovers dream. Stryper has really been on fire since their resurgence and it just keeps getting better, keeping a sharp edge on the rock and the message. Personally, my favorite metal moments are always the ballads, and Stryper delivers a winner with “All Over Again.” Check out for more on “Fallen.”

– Ken W.

Andrew Peterson – The Burning Edge of Dawn


Andrew Peterson
The Burning Edge of Dawn
Centricity Music

Typically you read about a songwriter having a volume of songs or song ideas in their heads prior to going in to record, and subsequently they have to narrow it down to a handful of tracks that actually get recorded. That was far from the case with “The Burning Edge of Dawn.” In stark contrast, Peterson frankly had very little in regards to pre-written ideas. In essence the album was reverse engineered.

As Peterson states, “I showed up at his [Gabe Scott] studio on Music Row with exactly one song, ‘The Dark Before the Dawn.’” From there they would simply “pick a key” and come up with a medley that would eventually give birth to a song.

Thematically, Peterson focuses on getting through hard spells in life and being able to look back with hope and even joy. He bluntly writes in his bio about how he was basically burnt out; tired of music, tired of life on the road, life away from home and family. However, he subsequently came to grips with his calling after some divine inspiration. Coming to a realization that following our calling is sometimes difficult, but there is a lighter side that still held nuggets of joy and contentment.

The result of this revelation and new approach to songwriting is an introspective collection of stories. From track one, “The Dark Before the Dawn,” through “The Rain Keeps Falling,” and “The Power of the Great Affection,” the listener is drawn in by the battle between the anguish and the joy of life. The beautiful chorus of “peace be still” on “The Rain Keeps Falling” is stirring. The truth of “The Dark Before the Dawn” is encouraging – the light is going to win and peace will be ours through the victory of Christ. Lastly, I have always been encouraged by how much he’s focused on family on his other projects and the addition of “My One Safe Place” is so perfectly fitting of this attitude. It sounds to me like a song of gratitude and a spiritually mature relationship.

The best part about this project is that while the lyrics are profound, they are not cryptic. Just look at the titles, darkness, survival, and rejoicing go hand-in-hand. It’s a biblical lesson with practical application.

Check out Andrew’s official web site for more on “The Burning Edge of Dawn.”

– Ken W.