Jonathan Rundman – Look Up


Jonathan Rundman
Look Up
Salt Lady Records

It’s hard to believe, but according to his band-camp page, “Look Up” is the first all-new album for Rundman in over a decade! That’s puts a bit of perspective on my own age as I’ve long admired his music. Of course, Rundman is not one to follow a prescribed path when it comes to music, whether it’s a 52-song concept album (Sound Theology) or the more recent reissue of “Heartland Liturgy,” he’s outside the box in a good way. I occasionally prefer the more folk infused lyrical songs like you’ll find on “Look Up” which extend beyond the average radio-cut of contemporary pop.

A few of my favorites are “The Ballad of Nikolaus Rungius,” “Second Shelf Down,” “Painter,” and “Home Unknown.”

I did not know anything about Nikolaus Rungius, but I like the fact that this song inspired me to go out and find out more about him. The lyrics are posted on the web .

I like the perspective of “Second Shelf Down” as I have recently gone through a similar experience of finding family air looms that have so much more meaning now than they ever did. It was an awesome discovery to find my grandmothers bible and letters from my mother’s youth as well. They are precious things we put out as reminders of where we’ve been.

The song “Painter” is a very intriguing story, but the lyrics do not give much up on the details. Aside from the story line though, I like the tempo and the echo of guitar in the background. It’s a cool track with a bit of pedal steel, vibraphone, and synth.

Lastly, “Home Unknown” is just cool. I love the instrumentation on this song with the banjo, mandola, and harmonium. It fits well with the overall theme and Rundman’s roots which is another part of his music that I have always appreciated.

You can check out for more on the album, including audio samples.

– Ken W.

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