Jordan Feliz – Beloved


Jordan Feliz

Before I got to really dove into the music, I was drawn to the heart of this artist. He literally worked his way to Nashville as he moved from the west coast, doing gigs wherever he could in order to keep gas in the car and food in their bellies.

And then, when he landed a contract he held firm to his musical styling and did not try to conform to a more standard radio format. That’s something to be admired in today’s get-famous-quick atmosphere.

His debut album embraces simplicity and distinctiveness. The songs are a reflection of a faith born of trials and tribulations that were (or can be) faced with peace and even joy. I have found it to be a pleasant and uplifting album. The track, “Simple,” really sums it all up well with it’s gospel message of hope and salvation formed around a bouncy-hand-raising-soundtrack.

Check out for more on “Beloved.”

– Ken W.

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