Myke Clements – No Worry, No Sorrow


Myke Clements

No Worry, No Sorrow


It is really difficult for me with no musical talent what so ever, to judge an instrumental project.  However, I can appreciate such a project and the potential as a musical ministry.  Thus, Myke Clements.  In his Bio, they describe No Worry, No Sorrow as “a fusion of rock and big band, which is so powerful that he doesn’t need words to convey the beautiful meaning and honest themes.”


It’s a tough job to cajole emotions without works, but I think he does that well. I like the ambient sounds of “Have Peace” as it gives you that feeling of rest and reflection.  And then, “For There Is Hope,” which has a very big soundtrack to along with the enormous feeling of hope emanating from note to note.  I am also drawn to C183 a more guitar-focused instrumental.


All together, it has be an extreme pleasure to listen to even if there are few words to describe it.  It is certainly clear to me that Myke has the gift of creativity and that can be used in many ways.


Check out for more on Myke and his latest release “No Worry, No Sorrow.”


  • Ken W.

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