Owlegories Vol. 1

Vol. 1

owlegoriesThe inaugural volume of Owlegories introduces us to new cast of adorable characters including Professor Owlster, and his five students of which my favorite is Twitch. The stories included on the first volume include “The Sun,” “The Seed,” and “The Water.” Each of which finds our students on a learning adventure that’s exciting and enlightening.

The animation is of high quality and the storylines are well written, which makes these adventures more than just a story. The impact of such a series does in some way depend on the quality of the production and the “Owlegoies” series is both well constructed and that adds to the already positive message.

Aside from the DVD series, there are also some new apps for your mobile devices. The Owelgories TV and Story App are already available and a Memory Verse app is in the works. On the TV app you can purchase individual episodes. I am not certain about this model as most people would be use to getting the same episodes they’ve purchased on a physical format, for free in a digital format. It may evolve, but I think it is a good idea to have the episodes available on multiple formats.

With Vol. 1, the Owlegories are off to a great start; funny, entertaining, and educational all in one. For more on the Owlegories, check out their official website at

– Ken W.

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