Kutless – Surrender


BEC Recordings

The latest from Kutless doesn’t break any grounds musically or thematically, but it is still a praiseworthy offering. There is something to be said about longevity and experience and Kutless has both. Personally, I am glad that they’re still working hard to make such good music with a pointed message.   Take for example the powerful “Bring It On,” when you read the story behind this song it is amazing how God has used their new work already (link). Another song, “Overcome,” with it’s crunchy-guitars and commanding vocals, reminds me too of their unique qualities as a rock band that have endured since their start.  All together, “Surrender” fully encompasses what has been so likable about Kutless and promises a bright future for the veteran musicians. For more on Kutless check out

– Ken W.

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