Owlegories Vol. 2

Owlegories Vol. 2
The Ant, The Fruit, and the Butterfly
Gunderson Entertainment

owlegories-vol2Volume 2 of the Owlegories series continues to provide wonderful family entertainment with a strong biblical message. There are many theories on repetitive instructions from Classical Conversations to the Montessori Method, and I believe they would all agree that Owlegories is a creative mode of reinforcing character lessons in an entertaining, in a meaningful way. It’s something that I find to be another instrument in my teaching toolbox.

What better way to teach children about the value of getting their work done first and doing all things as if for Jesus (The Ant). I can say it over and over again and reinforce it by rewards or punishments, but for some reason my children seem to get it better when the message comes from an adorable little animated owl. The same can be said of following Christ actively (The Butterfly) and living a fruitful life that is a testimony to others (The Fruit).

The Owlegories is a great new series that brings a fresh appeal to the animated storytelling genre which was once dominated by adorable little vegetables. For more on the Owlegories check out their official website at or on Facebook at And don’t forget to check out their iOS and Android apps!

– Ken W.

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