Austin and Lindsey Adamec

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Austin and Lindsey Adamec
Radiate Music

I have always had a leaning towards husband and wife duo’s over the years. Mostly because of the range of vocal possibilities; either in harmonies or switching leads. It is no different with Austin and Lindsey, as they trade off leads and compliment each other with beautiful harmonies.

Add to that the depth of the lyrical content and you have an amazing worship album. The duo tackles some fairly big theological themes; Christ’s death and resurrection, miracles, and grace.

The lyrical content takes on much more meaning too when you learn of their personal testimonies regards to their individual musical careers and how they’ve come together on this new adventure. The song “Walks on Waves,” is a direct outpouring of the circumstances behind their current situation and reading about it gives me a much better sense of who they are. It’s a great backstory that gives them credibility.

For more on Austin and Lindsey check out their official web page at

– Ken W.

You can also read a recent press release here.

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