Decyfer Down – The Other Side of Darkness

Decyfer Down-The Other Side of Darkness cover

Decyfer Down
The Other Side of Darkness
Fuel Music

Having had a successful run on a major label with Grammy and Dove nominations, there is no doubt there is some deep talent in this band. Not dismayed by changing economies which put pressure on both labels and bands, Decyfer Down held together with an incredible work ethic and desire to keep themselves on the scene.

Not too long ago I had the pleasure of seeing Decyfer Down live and they mentioned then that they were working on a kickstarter project to fund their next release. The new music they played that night was energetic and promising. And so far, the new album, “The Other Side of Darkness” does not fail to live up to the level of anticipation that was born that night.

There is a mass of heavy-duty guitar driven parts from track to track and a few tender moments as well like “Believe in Me” or the acoustic ballad “Burn Back the Sun”. By far though, my favorites are the ax-grinding tracks like “Anchor Me” and “Dead Skin.” The intensity and passion is amazing.

If you’re not convinced about their commitment, check out their tour schedule in April where they play nearly every day for the whole month! It may not be coliseum shows, but the small venues are much more personal for the fans and that matters more than any national accolades or awards.

Check out for more on Decyfer Down and “The Other Side of Darkness.”

– Ken W.

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