Nine Lashes – Ascend


Nine Lashes
BEC Recordings

“Ascend” is the third label release for the rock band known as “Nine Lashes.” This new release has a more predominant techno-pop-rock soundtrack fronted by gospel centered lyrics. I can appreciate the straight forward lyrics and the upbeat soundtrack is okay, but I prefer the standard rock tracks on songs like “The Chosen One” compared to the dance rhythms of “Heartbeats” or “Deeper.”

This pop-rock is apparently a new style that has been pointed out by a fan or two on their Facebook page, as it is a departure from their earlier work. Of course change is sometimes inevitable and not only does the band have to please their fans, but they have to stay true to what they feel called to do as a band. You can take it for what it is and enjoy it or you can leave it behind, but in the end I would give more credit to the substance than the delivery. In the case of “Ascend,” they do well by delivering a mountain of substance.

If you’re interested, you can watch their lyric video or listen to samples on the internet. Check out their official page at or their Facebook page at

– Ken W.