We Are Messengers


We Are Messengers
Everything Comes Alive
Word Entertainment

We are Messengers are an Irish based worship band hailing from Monaghan, Ireland. Formed in 2015 their first studio album recently released. Their new album is a very spirited style of worship that is a joy to listen to. There are elements of electronic music and a familiar northwest atmospheric vocal sound. It is quite evident in their lofty sounds in “The River” or “I Look Up.”

One thing for sure is that We Are Messengers has a great radio presence. There are 14 tracks on this new album and almost any one of them could be a hit single. The good thing is that the tracks are not overly repetitive and watered down to fit a radio format. They each have their own unique positive qualities and a as a collection they make for over 45 minutes of meaningful worship.

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– Ken W.

V. Rose


V. Rose
Young Dangerous Heart

The latest from V. Rose is a mixture of pop and hip hop with a Christ-centered focus. The new album is indicative of her spirited musical storytelling that I have always appreciated since I heard some of her earlier work. At least back to her self-titled debut in 2011.

While I am not an avid hip-hop fan, I can appreciate the pumped up sounds of “Take A Broken Heart” with its deep base and her rapid fire vocals. It is an anthem of sorts for the brokenhearted who desperately need to draw near to a God that heals all with a peace that is beyond understanding. I also like the song “We’re Girls” as it perfectly describes my cherished little ladies whom I want to learn to trust in God as they traverse life in this sometimes crazy world.

There are a lot of encouraging lyrical qualities throughout each track and the mix of hip-hop and pop give it a nice musical edge that is fairly unique. Overall I think “Young Dangerous Heart” is primarily for the younger ladies with its uplifting content and peppy soundtrack. However, it is enjoyable enough that the men (fathers and husbands) in their lives can live with it spinning over and over again in the home/car stereo.

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– Ken W.

Social Club Misfits


Social Club Misfits
The Misfits Generation EP
Capital CMG

I am not a huge fan of hip hop so I am probably not an authorities figure when it comes to reviews. However, I can point out the positives here as they are not hard to find. Topically, the duo formally known as just “Social Club” tackle important issues like faith and family. Specifically, there is “Marriage,” a recitation of a committed Christ-centered marriage and “Courage,” which encourages the listener to stay strong in your faith. Neither are an easy task, but the duo speaks from experience and share their faith through the music.

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– Ken W.

Love Displayed


Love Displayed
You’re The Only One
Gypsy Music Group

A husband and wife worship duo who have been performing together since 2013, however, under a different moniker – “Zak & Amy Huffman.” The new name is a bit more creative and descriptive of their mission.

In particular, their non-profit agency called “Spirit of Adoption Ministries” (SOAM). This is a multifaceted organization and according to their website through SOAM they have been able to help build homes in Bulgaria, rescue addicts in the Ohio valley area, and assist victims of sex trafficking in Nepal. That is quite a range of faith in action.

Their new music is reflective worship and both Zak and Amy take turns leading from song to song. My favorites include the emotive “How I Love You,” and the celestial “Can You See Him Now?” and the mega church worship song “You’re Welcome Here.” Overall there is a nice variety of music and vocals throughout the new album.

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– Ken W.

Kristin King


Kristin King
Make Something Happen
Creative Soul Records

Raised in a church-ed family, with parents who actively took part of their local worship, Kristin was immersed in worship. Her first stage appearance was at the age of 3 with a rousing rendition of “row, row, row your boat.”

While this sort of backstory is not unique, I still believe that it shows the powerful influence parents have in their children. Particularly how important it is to model active involvement in the visible church. And now, as a parent herself, Kristin is likewise modeling that same behavior to her own son.

Her first studio recording, “Make Something Happen,” is leading the way for Kristin to transition to a full-time career in singing/songwriting. The title track is an inspirational track of hope and action. Kristin refers to John 10:10 as inspiration for this song as she sings of “taking a leap of faith.” There is more inspiration found in “I Am the Lord’s” and “You Have Not Forgotten Me.”

Overall I found that the full content of the EP was a cross between adult contemporary and pop with a strong bent on inspirational lyrics. It is a nice solid EP and Kristin paired her writing and lyrical abilities in a unique way that will help enhance her ministry of music.

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– Ken W.

Young Oceans – Voices Vol. 1


Young Oceans
Voices Vol. 1
Street Talk Media

“Voices, Vol. 1” is a collection of past Young Oceans catalog with an atmospheric worship sound. These are what they consider to be their more “congregational minded” songs. The album employs a host of guest artists including Leeland, Ellie Holcom, Sarah Macintosh among others.

I like the meditative style of the tunes. One of my favorites is “Praise the Lord Ye Heavens” as it directs the worship upwards in honor of the Lord. As opposed to a more horizontal focus on how I “feel” because of God’s great glory. Another favorite is “None But Thee” as it features one of my favorite artist, Leeland. His vocal style is perfect for this kind of music.

Overall, “Voices, Vol. 1” is an excellent collaboration and for the fans of contemporary worship it has a lot to offer. The variety of voices give each track a fresh sound and the reflective nature of the lyrics is a huge positive.

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– Ken W.

Audrey Assad – Inheritance


Audrey Assad
Fortunate Fall Records
11 tracks @ 41:34
Grade =A

Audrey Assad releases one of the best hymns projects since Ashley Cleveland and Bart Millard recorded similar material.

Audrey says, “I knew that Inheritance had to be much more than me going into the studio and simply doing pretty renditions of hymns we all know and love. I couldn’t be satisfied with that—I had to make something both bright and dark—colored honestly with my own doubts and weaknesses, so that the Lord who inspired these songs could be even more visible in it. Inheritance is an offering I am humbled, privileged and challenged to make—and I pray it will be a gift to anyone who hears it.”

The first radio single is “Holy Holy Holy.” Audrey says, “This trinitarian, theology-heavy prayer became an intercessory pray for Avery, a toddler with heterotaxy, a severe heart condition. The word ‘holy,’ which we traditionally associate with God’s ineffability and super-righteousness, refers also to His infinite mercy because of how He chose to deposit His holiness in the tabernacle on the seat of Mercy. While I didn’t know what or how to pray for Avery, I remember that the Holy Spirit prays for us. Even when we don’t ‘feel’ like praying, the words of ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’ give us a beautiful prayer about a loving and merciful God.”

The production and instrumentation is understated throughout the disk, allowing Audrey’s vocals to be front and center.

Audrey grew up learning to sing in a Plymouth Brethren community. “I was raised in a church where we didn’t use any instruments on Sunday mornings,” Audrey says. “I learned to sing there, from the old hymnbooks, in four-part harmony, with my family and my neighbors. It was multi-generational, it was deep and rich and beautiful, and like most of my favorite worship music, it was steeped in community.”

Among the tracks is the original composition “Even Unto Death,” a standout modern hymn co-written with Matt Maher.

– Rob S.