Kristin King


Kristin King
Make Something Happen
Creative Soul Records

Raised in a church-ed family, with parents who actively took part of their local worship, Kristin was immersed in worship. Her first stage appearance was at the age of 3 with a rousing rendition of “row, row, row your boat.”

While this sort of backstory is not unique, I still believe that it shows the powerful influence parents have in their children. Particularly how important it is to model active involvement in the visible church. And now, as a parent herself, Kristin is likewise modeling that same behavior to her own son.

Her first studio recording, “Make Something Happen,” is leading the way for Kristin to transition to a full-time career in singing/songwriting. The title track is an inspirational track of hope and action. Kristin refers to John 10:10 as inspiration for this song as she sings of “taking a leap of faith.” There is more inspiration found in “I Am the Lord’s” and “You Have Not Forgotten Me.”

Overall I found that the full content of the EP was a cross between adult contemporary and pop with a strong bent on inspirational lyrics. It is a nice solid EP and Kristin paired her writing and lyrical abilities in a unique way that will help enhance her ministry of music.

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– Ken W.

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