V. Rose


V. Rose
Young Dangerous Heart

The latest from V. Rose is a mixture of pop and hip hop with a Christ-centered focus. The new album is indicative of her spirited musical storytelling that I have always appreciated since I heard some of her earlier work. At least back to her self-titled debut in 2011.

While I am not an avid hip-hop fan, I can appreciate the pumped up sounds of “Take A Broken Heart” with its deep base and her rapid fire vocals. It is an anthem of sorts for the brokenhearted who desperately need to draw near to a God that heals all with a peace that is beyond understanding. I also like the song “We’re Girls” as it perfectly describes my cherished little ladies whom I want to learn to trust in God as they traverse life in this sometimes crazy world.

There are a lot of encouraging lyrical qualities throughout each track and the mix of hip-hop and pop give it a nice musical edge that is fairly unique. Overall I think “Young Dangerous Heart” is primarily for the younger ladies with its uplifting content and peppy soundtrack. However, it is enjoyable enough that the men (fathers and husbands) in their lives can live with it spinning over and over again in the home/car stereo.

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– Ken W.

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