We Are Messengers


We Are Messengers
Everything Comes Alive
Word Entertainment

We are Messengers are an Irish based worship band hailing from Monaghan, Ireland. Formed in 2015 their first studio album recently released. Their new album is a very spirited style of worship that is a joy to listen to. There are elements of electronic music and a familiar northwest atmospheric vocal sound. It is quite evident in their lofty sounds in “The River” or “I Look Up.”

One thing for sure is that We Are Messengers has a great radio presence. There are 14 tracks on this new album and almost any one of them could be a hit single. The good thing is that the tracks are not overly repetitive and watered down to fit a radio format. They each have their own unique positive qualities and a as a collection they make for over 45 minutes of meaningful worship.

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– Ken W.

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