Young Oceans – Voices Vol. 1


Young Oceans
Voices Vol. 1
Street Talk Media

“Voices, Vol. 1” is a collection of past Young Oceans catalog with an atmospheric worship sound. These are what they consider to be their more “congregational minded” songs. The album employs a host of guest artists including Leeland, Ellie Holcom, Sarah Macintosh among others.

I like the meditative style of the tunes. One of my favorites is “Praise the Lord Ye Heavens” as it directs the worship upwards in honor of the Lord. As opposed to a more horizontal focus on how I “feel” because of God’s great glory. Another favorite is “None But Thee” as it features one of my favorite artist, Leeland. His vocal style is perfect for this kind of music.

Overall, “Voices, Vol. 1” is an excellent collaboration and for the fans of contemporary worship it has a lot to offer. The variety of voices give each track a fresh sound and the reflective nature of the lyrics is a huge positive.

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– Ken W.

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